NLP Trainer Training


Being a great trainer or presenter is much more than developing good skills; it is about finding one’s identity and authentic expression. It is about taking your ego out of the way and becoming “an empty flute”. This training is designed for NLP Master Practitioners who already have some training or facilitation experience and who want to make a step change in their ability to work with and lead groups and become an excellent NLP trainer.

Our programme is a 17 day modular training running over 5 months. Participants will have plenty of opportunity to present and receive feedback during the modules and will be set tasks and assignments throughout the programme and will have the opportunity to model guest trainers. The training is carefully designed to enable you to become fluent in essential training skills and group dynamics and to find your authentic expression as a trainer.

“As an experienced trainer, I signed up for this programme hoping to further embed NLP into my ways of thinking and being. I have certainly done that, and I got a lot more besides. I genuinely feel that I am a better trainer for attending this programme, whatever I am delivering, I learned how to dance with my learners, and mostly avoid treading on their toes! I liked the structure of the modules, particularly the guest trainers, and of course I loved the venue – it made a real difference for me to be in such an inspiring and comfortable environment”.
LM Training Consultant