Being Centred: Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain


A Workshop on Tai Chi and its Wisdom for Today’s Living


This workshop explores Tai Chi movement and its wisdom for everyday life. We will work with a particular approach to tai chi that offers up a metaphor for our lives and connects our physical world with our psychological and emotional worlds. It is a creative free flowing approach, which is easy, joyful and relaxing to do. At times we will be practising the tai chi with different forms of music, to explore different energies within the form.

We will work with the principles of the Tao and enquire into the power of moving from centre, finding balance, grounding and ease. We will explore our habitual patterns and the movement patterns of nature withing the tai chi form,  drawing on the five elements of traditional Chinese wisdom, supported by conscious embodiment, neuroscience and positive psychology. Centred physicality supports us in stepping into the world to be at our best, stay calm under the pressures of everyday life and meet our challenges.With the many inner and outer pressures of life, how do we move into living from our centre?

No previous experience is necessary.

The workshop will be led by Paul King who started his exploration into Tai Chi and the somatic wisdom of the body-mind more than 30 years ago. He is co-founder of The Beyond Partnership and works as a coach, consultant and facilitator.

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