Performance Modelling


What is the difference that makes the difference between high performing individuals or teams and lower performing individuals or teams?

Through interview and observation we model out the self identity, beliefs, values, skills and behaviours that lead to high performance.  The model created provides the elements and structure to raise performance standards, to improve the results of the average performers and to potentially further enhance the top performers.  This can be done through coaching and/or training. The results of our modelling can be feed into recruitment selection processes and future training programmes.

Performance modelling can be applied to sales, after sales, team leaders, project managers; frankly wherever you choose.

We can consult on, and model out, the performance factors of an individual person, team or department to identify where and how performance is being limited and how it can be improved.

An example is offered by our work with YouthNet, an award winning charity, whom we modeled to identify the key factors behind their success to help them ensure they sustained these into the future.  For our summary report please click here.