Leadership Embodiment Level 2 – London


With Paul King

Dates: 27 & 28 April 2024

Venue: London


Self-Sponsored: Early Bird Fee 17th March: £525+VAT / Standard Fee: £600+VAT

Corporate Rate: Early Bird Fee 17th March: £700+VAT / Standard Fee: £800+VAT

Discounts are available for repeating this workshop and a ‘pay it forward’ bursary may be available if the fee is excessive against your family income.

You have experienced Leadership embodiment Level 1 and know its potential and impact. Level 2 is designed to extend and deepen those Level 1 learnings and practices. There are new activities and extensions to Level 1 activities as well a review of the essential fundamentals, adding layers of refinement and depth. Level 2 is about learning how to centre and find balance inside, and alongside, greater amounts of energy. We will be working with different challenging situations to further develop our capacity for centre and balance. This is explored for example by increasing the speed and frequency of the ‘triggers’ we work with and with the use of bokken (wooden swords) which quite naturally raise our energy patterns. You will work more deeply with your commitment and declarations. We will also engage in activities exploring your relationship to success, visibility and vulnerability.

Increased sensitivity and awareness of self and other comes along with experience, as well as more tools to use with clients. The body learns best through practice, repetition and contrast, Level 2 offers you this opportunity together with other explorers deeper into the mystery and mastery of the body-mind.

Working on, in, with and through the body-mind brings us more towards wholeness and facilitates the same for those we work with. We refine awareness and perception of how we are, what is and what is possible.

Please email paul@thebeyondpartnership.co.uk with your questions.

Booking: To book please email info@thebeyondpartnership.co.uk with your name and invoicing address.

“I have now attended two level 2 Leadership Embodiment weekends with Paul.  Paul is flexible in his style and uses his skill and experience to tailor the practices to the needs/request of participants.  He works with people in a very intuitive way and offers insightful alternatives and suggestions to help you discover more about yourself and others.    I have learnt a lot about myself from embodiment work with Paul and look forward to this continuing.  I have increased my ability to tap in to my “quiet power” through the practices that I use both in my work and in my life – this enables me to wield more influence in a way that includes others.  Paul’s approach is fun and light but also grounded in his extensive understanding of many other complementary fields of knowledge which link well with somatic practices.  I highly recommend Paul’s Leadership Embodiment work.  You’ll wish you’d met him years ago – I do!!” 

Annie Pearson, Head of Business Transformation, NHS

“I attended the Level 2 Leadership Embodiment course.  It was a well organised and lively event that gave me opportunity to revise the concepts and exercises that I learnt during level 1 and expand my understanding and practice of Leadership Embodiment. I use some of the exercises daily and notice the benefits in myself and how I interact with others. Paul is an excellent facilitator who creates a trusting and supporting atmosphere. I strongly recommend this course to all who have already completed the level 1 training.”

Dr Katalin Illes, Principal Lecturer in Leadership and Development, University of Westminster

“Thanks a lot for the week-end. It was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 2 training. Having already done level 1 Leadership Embodiment &  Somatic Intelligence with Paul, I can only recommend this level 2 as well. Where level 1 laid the groundwork for me, level 2 took the whole somatic self-awareness and leadership pattern experience so much deeper. Each exercise brought with it its own revelations, insights and shifts supported by Paul’s intuitive facilitation style and space holding. It was such a gift to be able to bring my deeply help habitual patterns into conscious awareness in a safe and fun environment, accept them for what they are and allow them to shift at their own pace. Paul’s targeted feedback and suggestions were immensely helpful and allowed me to discover a number of previous blindspots that I can now work on.”
Bettina Pickering, Director, Aronagh – Consultancy, Training and Coaching