NLP Practitioner for Coaches 2024/25 (Virtual & ANLP Recognised)


Starting 18 September 2024

Professional & Personal Development Programme

This programme is a full and thorough training in essential Practitioner NLP skills. We take a lot of care in the design of this programme. Our intention for you is that you not only learn the technology of NLP but that you “get it in the muscle” to apply in your everyday life.

NLP is both an attitude of mind and a set of tools and techniques for living a more fulfilled life. Our Practitioner will offer you tools to lead the life you want to live. It will provide you with more choice; a step change in your ability to lead from within, to understand and influence others, and will increase your ability to achieve your outcomes.

The programme will be led by Marie Faire. Marie is a ANLP recognised NLP Master Trainer. She is also an Accredited Master Executive Coach and an Accredited Coach Supervisor.  She has been applying NLP in coaching for over 30 years. Marie and participants will also be supported by other NLP Trainers from Beyond.

We take an approach where you will live your learning. With a maximum group size of 12. The small group format ensures a high level of personal focus from the trainers and an individually tailored and focused learning experience.

We have experience working with NLP in many contexts, including coaching individual executives, working with a variety of in-house clients and more than 25 years of training NLP.

We also have a broad knowledge and experience of many different people and organisation development approaches beyond NLP, which provide additional dimensions to our training design and teaching.

Our focus is on application in the ‘real world’. We will draw upon many practical examples. Our participants come from diverse backgrounds and roles within the private, public and voluntary sectors.


NLP Plus
We will integrate NLP with the latest research in neuroscience and psychology.


Our Commitment
We are rigorous in our standards and integration assessment, and completely committed to supporting you on your learning journey and in developing outstanding (NLP) capability at a personal, interpersonal and group level.


The Training
This training is recognised by the Association for NLP, ANLP, and complies with their standards and codes of practice.

We received some amazing and humbling feedback for our recent programme. You can find here what people say about our programme.


NLP Practitioner for Coaches – Typical Schedule 

1.    Welcome & overview; certification; PS to DS model; legs of NLP; outcome thinking
2.   Presuppositions; logical levels; NLP frames; NLP & Coaching
3.   Rapport; sensory acuity; representational systems
4.   Perceptual positions
5.   Meta programmes
6    Meta model
7.   Anchoring; state management
8.   Reframing; parts integration
9.   Parts continued; 6 step-reframe
10. Beliefs & limiting beliefs
11. Beliefs continued
12. Criteria; collaborative outcomes
13. Practice
18.12.24 No Sesssion
25.12.24 No Session
01.01.25 No Session
14. Submodalities
15. Fast phobia cure
16. Milton model
17. Metaphor
18. Integration (Assessment) Overview; Revision; Practice
19. Revision; Practice
20. Revision; Practice
20. Integration (Assessment) 1
21.  Integration (Assessment) 2; End of Programme


Programme Requirements

In addition to attendance at each session, there will be a requirement for the following:

  • Recommended reading
  • Pre-work and some work between sessions
  • Practice work in twos or threes

For Practitioner certification there will also be:

  • Final written assignments
  • Passing the final assessment



This programme will take place live, via Zoom, on Wednesday afternoons from 2.30 – 5.30 p.m. UK time. It commences on Wednesday 18th September 2024 and will end on 5th March 2024.

Please note that here will be no sessions on 18th, 25th December 2024 and 1st January 2025.

Sessions will be recorded for those that you have to unavoidably miss (a maximum of 5).



Self-Sponsored & Not-for-Profit £2000 (+VAT if in the UK)

Corporate Sponsored £2500 (+VAT if in the UK)

Individuals can pay by instalments, please contact us to discuss this. Some bursaries are available under certain circumstances. Places are limited to 12. 



To book, please contact Marie,

We appreciate that this programme is a significant commitment. Please feel free to contact us to get answers to your questions so you can make sure this is for you.