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Somatic Intelligence: Working with & through the Body-Mind

Head, heart and guts are in intimate relationship and everything we do shows up in the body. In this article, I explore how we can learn to operate as an integrated whole.
Somatic Intelligence Article 1

Wellbeing – An Energetic Perspective

In this article, I explore wellbeing in the context of today’s world and introduce what I call ‘Qi Dynamics’, the art of using energy for enhanced wellbeing – for individuals, teams and whole organisations.
Wellbeing – An Energetic Perspective

Coaching The Narrative of the Soma

In this article, I explore how our body holds our ‘self-story’, and how we can help people change these deep unconscious narratives.
Coaching The Narrative of the Soma – 1

The Three C’s of Professional Practice

In recent years the professional coaching community has become somewhat obsessed with defining itself. At a time of ever impending legislation and increasing requirements for accreditation, there appears to be heightened sensibilities and competition between varying professions who offer ‘interpersonal, talking help’. It is not therefore surprising that those engaged in coaching, the newest of those professions, have succumbed to the search for the Holy Grail – a definitive definition of what coaching is and isn’t.
The Three C’s