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Somatic Intelligence: Working with & through the Body-Mind

Head, heart and guts are in intimate relationship and everything we do shows up in the body. In this article, we look at how we can learn to operate as an integrated whole.
Somatic Intelligence Article 1

Wellbeing – An Energetic Perspective

In this article, Paul explores wellbeing in the context of today’s world and introduce what he calls ‘Qi Dynamics’, the art of using energy for enhanced wellbeing – for individuals, teams and whole organisations.
Wellbeing – An Energetic Perspective 1

Coaching The Narrative of the Soma

In this article, Paul describes how our bodies holds our ‘self-stories’, and how we can help people change these deep unconscious narratives.
Coaching The Narrative of the Soma – 1

Fear & Connection in an Interdependent World

This article published in AC’s Global Perspectives magazine looks below the surface to explore the subconscious patterns that drive and entrap us – particularly in respect of diversity and inclusion, the main theme  of the issue.
Diversity & Inclusion Article

Readying to Move

Paul explores how responding to the challenges of today begins with the body – to pause, listen and centre, to ready ourselves for the next move. We are being called to a different conversation, the foundations of which lie deep in the body and spirit of life.
Readying To Move

Speaking Truth to Power

Marie invites us to learn from current crises and speak truth to power if we are to be part of the solution in creating a more compassionate and equitable world.
Speaking Truth to Power – Marie Faire

But is it Coaching? In Defence of Dependency

In this short article Marie challenges one of the ‘sacred cows’ of the coaching world, namely dependency. “I do understand why dependence may, at face value, not necessarily always be a good thing in coaching. I would, however, like to challenge the idea that it is always a bad thing. I’m not a fan of absolutes. It depends.
But Is It Coaching – In Defence of Dependency

Coaches Need To Work With The Past…It Is Right There In Front Of Them

Marie explains why she hopes more coaches will work with their clients’ pasts as well as their
futures – to better to achieve lasting change.
Coaches Need To Work With The Past