Doing Business with Beyond


Doing Business With Beyond – The Not-So-Small Print

This contains what is frequently referred to as ‘Terms and Conditions’ of business, or contractual agreements.

None of us at Beyond like small print. Our relationships with all of our stakeholders are based on trust. We are rarely asked for ‘Terms and Conditions’ and we don’t volunteer them because we see them as irrelevant to the relationship.

You tell us lots about you and your organisation, we listen, we agree together what work is to be done, we turn up, we add value, go the extra mile if needed and you pay us what has been agreed. It’s that simple.

When it is necessary to have a written contract our Terms and Conditions are as follows:

What you can expect of us:

  1. We know ‘our stuff’.
  2. We will turn up and add value.
  3. We will work in close collaboration with you in meeting the agreed outcomes.
  4. We will work all day and will support people after the event if appropriate – we will go the extra mile.
  5. We abide by a strict code of professional ethics.
  6. All necessary professional indemnity insurance is maintained by The Beyond Partnership Ltd.
  7. If we are responsible for the venue (and even when we are not) we will set out the environment in the best possible way.

What we hope we can expect of you:

  1. You pay us as quickly as your systems allows.
  2. Ongoing feedback is one of the areas we teach and one of the skills that we find is low on the ground in many organisations. In our relationships we want to be a model for best practice. We want you to tell us what you want more, or less of, in order for you to love doing business with us.
  3. We expect people to be given appropriate notice and information concerning the event they are attending, that they will be supported in doing so and are able to be there without undue distraction.
  4. When you are providing the venue that you provide one that is fitting and supportive of the learning experience.
  5. We ask that you please respect our copyright in respect of intellectual property and any materials provided. (Plagiarising materials is not nice, – like the Innocent carton says – please don’t do it your mum wouldn’t like it).
  6. As an organisation our financial transactions are transparent. We will agree with you a price per day or for the entire piece of work. We will agree what this price includes, for example planning, design and delivery and what expenses are payable in addition. All fees are subject to VAT.
  7. Typically cancellation fees are:
    50% if cancelled with 4 weeks
    75% if cancelled within 2 weeks
    100% if cancelled within a week

Having said this, with our clients with whom we have an ongoing relationship we may vary these cancellation fees in conversation with each other particularly when the work is postponed rather than cancelled.

Our Open Public Programmes & Workshops

We seek to bring you quality leading edge programmes with integrity which offer true value to participants, their work and the future world.

Our guest presenters are acknowledged leaders in their field and their work aligns to our own mission, vision and values. Whatever their reputation we always experience and ‘road test’ their work prior to inviting them to work with Beyond and our clients.

Our own workshops are based on a holistic approach to human beings at work and play. We link the internal with the external and our identity, beliefs and values to our skills and behaviours. We typically pilot our workshops before offering them publicly.

We seek to provide supportive cost effective venues for our events.

Payment Terms
We ask that you pay your invoice in a timely fashion to confirm your place on your selected event and always prior to the start of a course. Payments plans are available on our modular courses.

Cancellation Terms
Our terms vary with the length of a course. Typically for 1 or 2 day events our cancellation terms are:
50% if cancelled with 4 weeks
100% if cancelled within 2 weeks

For such short courses held outside of Great Britain the cancellation terms will be:
50% if cancelled with 6 weeks
100% if cancelled within 4 weeks

For longer modular courses our cancellation terms are typically:
50% if cancelled with 8 weeks
100% if cancelled within 5 weeks

Any variations on the above will be specifically noted on the associated website page, the workshop/programme promotional leaflet and/or the event invoice.

Outside the stated cancellation fees periods a small administrative charge may be applied to the refund.