Paul King


Paul King is an explorer of places inside and out. He is co-founder of The Beyond Partnership a leading-edge people development consultancy. He has been working as a coach and consultant for more than 35 years. He particularly known for his work with the body-mind and integral approaches, connecting personal development and wellbeing to larger system change. He currently delivers embodiment-based workshops and coaching across Europe. He previously worked for Deloittes and PwC.

His coach training started with Sir John Whitmore and the Inner Game, followed by NLP. He is a NLP Master Practitioner and a certified trainer in NLP. He later completed an Association for Coaching recognised coach training.

Paul was the first person in Europe to be certified to teach Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment work. He has studied with many other embodiment and somatic teachers, is qualified as a Feldenkrais Practitioner (movement re-education) and has extensive study in the Alexander Technique and neuroscience. Paul teaches tai chi and qigong as movement meditation and as a means of exploring our psycho-emotional worlds.

He is qualified in Spiral Dynamics, Corporate Tools Values Assessment and is a Challenge Course facilitator. He has trained in psychosynthesis, transactional analysis and brief therapy and Polarity Therapy (energy based bodywork).

Paul works to create an intimate and focussed experiential learning environment in the spirit of inquiry not fixing. He describes his work as supporting people to connect more to themselves in an embodied way and thereby create more connection with others and the natural world. Part of the process is how to find a centred presence enhancing what it is possible for us to say and do.  Balancing the conversational relationship between the feminine and masculine dynamics of yinyang, which are seriously out of balance in this world.

He coaches senior managers and directors to get the best out of themselves and others, covering personal and organisational issues. He is known for the quality of his thinking, creativity and intuitive insight. Paul undertakes consultancy and research projects including modelling an organisation’s high performing people and best practice.

He also offers sports performance coaching.

His interests include eastern and western spiritual traditions, sports, travelling, the environment and all sorts of leading edge ideas.