The Purpose & Benefits of Supervision


Supervision has three primary purposes

  1. Develop knowledge and skill:
    • to receive feedback and reflect on the content and process of your work from more than one perspective
    • to develop skills through the exchange of information, observation and practical experience
    • to review and discuss individual client issues
    • to learn from others’ experiences, approaches, theories, models and techniques
  2. Maintain quality standards and ethics:
    • to promote the welfare of your clients
    • to fulfill requirement for your certification and accreditation
  3. Support:
    • to enjoy professional and personal support

The Benefits of Supervision

Here is what one supervisee wrote:

“I have derived a huge amount of learning from the supervision sessions. The process of reflecting and preparing for the sessions has of itself been really useful. Supervision has made me more aware of my own performance, and more attuned to what is important. As a consequence I have more confidence in my own reflective practice as a valid form of learning I’m more sure about other options and approaches available to me. This gives me some independence and confidence, and whilst I continue to value supervision enormously, I no longer feel so dependent upon the process. I have removed the stabilizers and am wobbling along happily, under the watchful eye of both my external supervisor and also my embryonic internal supervisor.

Some more specifics of what I have gained from supervision:

– Reassurance that whilst I might focus on what does not always go well, I’m doing some things right
– Opportunity to share my concerns, about me and my clients, and to think these through
– Tangible ideas / alternative approaches
– Sharing the joy of successes and breakthroughs
– Learning to listen to and trust ……. myself, my instincts, the client and the process, has been a really big piece of learning for me.
– Processes for getting to the depth of issues, and piecing together the patterns.
– The supervision process enables me to model the coaching process and experience the power of coaching
– An opportunity to be honest and open, to share my concerns, vulnerabilities and weaknesses in 
an environment of support and trust
– A forum for exploration – freedom to see where things go.
– A safety net.”