Leadership & Management Development Programmes


These programmes develop the knowledge, skills, confidence and ability of participants to become better and more effective leaders and managers; to realise more of your potential to support the success of your organisation. The programmes work with the cultural/leadership challenges being faced and provide specific models, techniques, tools and approaches from our vast experience base to bring about change.  We focus throughout on “real life” examples, so individuals are working on their issues rather than role plays.

Each Leadership or Management Development Programme is tailored to the needs of the organisation – we do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach in any of the work we do.

Issues which we are often asked to work with include leading and managing change, creating greater empowerment, coaching and creating a coaching culture, improving customer focus and behavioural change. We also work with organisations to integrate programme content with competency frameworks, performance management systems and vision/mission statements.

Development programmes can also be designed to create and support live projects in the organisation to bring real-time benefits and enhance learning.

Programmes can vary in length and structure to meet the business needs of the organisation.

Leaders as Coaches

The role of line managers and other leaders in supporting others is recognised in most competency frameworks, where coaching is considered a ‘must have’ skill. We work with organisations to help them define what they mean by coaching in their context and then to develop managers’ skills in this area. We design participative programmes with plenty of opportunity to practice skills and to embed this important ability within the organisation. (Coach Skills Training).