An Introduction to NLP and Its Applications


A Day for Those Who Want to Find Out About NLP and What It Can Do 

NLP has been built on studying and modelling what successful people do and what works. It has applications in virtually every aspect of our lives including personal and professional development, leadership and all the ways we communicate and influence others.

Our 1 day Introductions are for anyone looking to make a difference to their own life and the lives of others, whether as a leader, manager, consultant, coach, trainer, teacher, parent or friend.

We will give you an overview of NLP, introduce you to some key concepts and then work with two models in particular which in our experience can make a significant difference to an individual’s or an organisation’s success.

We will look at examples of application and discover why so many individuals and organisations are learning the skills and techniques of NLP. Beyond that we will delve into those aspects of NLP that go beyond tools and techniques and are essential to its success.

We use NLP because it works, it helps us and our clients get results. We know of no other approach that that has such effective and widespread applicability. Our Introductions will give you a taste of NLP and its potential for getting results and bringing about change.