Culture Change


“I have worked with Marie Faire, (co-founder of Beyond), on two major change programmes. Her impact is always exceptional and she is the only person I think of when I need help to change culture and behaviours.”
IW, Chief Executive

If you put the words ‘culture change’ into Google you get 49.9 million results! Perhaps that is a measure of just how high on organisational agendas this subject is – and also just how illusive and difficult people find it.  Literally millions of pounds are spent each year on seeking to change the culture in organisations.

How can you ensure that you get the change you want in your organisation and more importantly that the desired change then sticks?  Using our experience of working with organisations, large and small and in different sectors of the economy we have an approach which works.

“If one desires change, one must be that change before that change can take place”.
Gita Bellin

Culture change can only happen from the top down in an organisation. It requires a change in values, beliefs, capabilities and then in practice.

We are experienced in designing and delivering strategic training and development to help you bring about change, from the Board to the front line. We facilitate leaders and managers to identify, design and deliver projects that support the change. Such real life examples create ‘role models’ for implementing changes they believe will make a difference.

We provide senior leaders with coaching support to assist them in the developing the vision, facilitating the change and resolving challenges and issues they face personally and organisationally arising from the culture change.

“When faced with a choice between changing one’s mind and proving one doesn’t need to, almost everyone gets busy on the proof.”