NLP Practitioner Plus


Professional & Personal Development Programme

This programme is a full and thorough training in essential Practitioner NLP skills. We take a lot of care in the design of this programme. Our intention for you is that you not only learn the technology of NLP but that you “get it in the muscle” to apply in your everyday life.

NLP is both an attitude of mind and a set of tools and techniques for living a more fulfilled life. Our Practitioner will offer you tools to lead the life you want to live. It will provide you with more choice; a step change in your ability to lead from within, to understand and influence others, and will increase your ability to achieve your outcomes.

“I began to believe in my own ability and remove my self created barriers to success.”
SB, Chief Executive

We take an approach where you will live your learning. With a maximum group size of 15, individual and group process becomes the content for applying and developing your NLP skills.

The small group format ensures a high level of personal focus from the trainers and an individually tailored and focused learning experience.

We have 30 years experience working with NLP. This includes coaching individual executives, working in a variety of contexts with our in-house clients and more than 20 years of training NLP.

We also have a broad knowledge and experience of many different people and organisation development approaches beyond NLP, which provide additional dimensions to our training design and teaching.

Our focus is on application in the ‘real world’. We will draw upon many practical examples. Our participants come from diverse backgrounds and roles within the private, public and voluntary sectors.

NLP Plus
We will integrate NLP with the latest research in neuroscience and psychology. There will also be sessions on courageous conversations, conflict management and somatic intelligence.

Our Commitment
We are rigorous in our standards and integration assessment, and completely committed to supporting you on your learning journey and in developing outstanding (NLP) capability at a personal, interpersonal and group level.

The Training
This training is recognised by the Association for NLP, ANLP, and complies with their standards and codes of practice.

“Having worked with some inspirational colleagues over the years I’d always been keen to know more about what made them so successful at what they did. Many of these people had completed NLP courses and I was keen to learn more. There are a mass of NLP providers and programmes available and it was important to me to find the right one. I chose to take my programme with The Beyond Partnership as they came highly recommend by friends and colleagues. 

 The first things that appealed to me about Beyond’s programme was the structure. I had been in a hurry to “get qualified.” The more I learned from my friends and colleagues about NLP, the more I realised that more important than learning the models is taking the time to understand them, use them and make personal change. Beyond’s programme breaks the Practitioner programme down into 6 modules spread over 6 months. Midway through the programme, I’ve achieved my NLP Business Practitioner qualification and I’m using what I’ve learned in the workplace. The techniques were an invaluable help at a recent interview when I secured a role and promotion I’d wanted for years but my limiting beliefs of the past had told me I’d never get. The groups in the programme are limited to small numbers. This gives time for discussions and activities to help embed what I’ve learnt. I’ve found having a small team has enabled us to create a safe environment where we can share very personal experiences and issues in order to use the models and deepen our understanding of them. 
Marie has been our coach and guide throughout our programme. She has bought the models to life, sharing her passion and deep understanding of NLP. I’ve found her willingness to incorporate relevant models outside the standard NLP curriculum very interesting and helpful. So many models across many fields are inter-linked and viewing them in isolation doesn’t reflect the real world. Marie is always willing to give her time to help delegates to work through the NLP models and apply them to their personal situation. I’m ever grateful for the time she gave over to help coach me through my interview and the re-organisation within the team at work. 
I’m looking forward to resuming the Full Practitioner programme in the autumn. I’m keen to continue learning much more about what makes myself and others tick, how to build more effective relationships and achieve even better outcomes for myself and others.” 
Change Management, Aviation Industry