Exploring Spiral Dynamics® in Theory & Practice


Spiral Dynamics® presents a comprehensive map and a set of models and processes for understanding and affecting the different value systems and thinking systems that can influence the way individuals, groups, and organisations make their decisions and choices.

Whether you are a director, manager, teacher, coach or consultant Spiral Dynamics will offer a highly useful framework for understanding the value systems and trends affecting culture and decision making today.

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Foundations of Spiral Dynamics
Our two part webinar series covers the foundational theories and models of Spiral Dynamics and explore its applications in practice. We will look at the sequence in which the values levels emerge and why and how they can change. Each level has a particular way of thinking, different motivational “hot buttons”, different beliefs, different learning styles and requires a different approach in management or coaching.  An appreciation of this approach can help you answer questions such as:

  • What is the best way of developing and supporting people?
  • What are the thinking and valuing systems operating in the my context and how do I best interact with that context?
  • What is motivates that person, that department or the organisation as a whole?
  • What are my own preferences currently?
  • How might we get the best out of people?
  • Why does a change programme that worked in one situation not work in another?
  • What is the next step change?
  • Why is the marketing initiative missing the target market?
  • What people do we need to be recruiting currently and for the future?
  • Is our corporate strategy taking account of the different value systems operating within oour business and market?

Next Dates: 14 & 21 October 2021, 13.00-15.30 BST (with break)

Fees: £240+VAT

(VAT is not chargeable on bookings from businesses registered and situated outside the UK.)

Personal & Team Profiles 
There is the option for you as a participant to complete a Spiral Dynamics Personal Values profile and a Change Report profile as part of the webinar series for £85+VAT. We suggest that you complete the profiles before the webinar and it is perfectly fine for you to do so afterwards. See here for further details of the reports.

If you would like a personal review/coaching session to with us to help you understand and interpret your profiles we would be delighted to do that. Our discounted fee for participants for a 1.5 hour session is £180+VAT.

Booking: To book please email info@thebeyondpartnership.co.uk with your invoicing details, noting if you would like to complete the profiles and also have a personal review and coaching session.