Centred Leadership


“Leadership has nothing to do with power and rank but it is a matter of self realisation: attain self realisation and the whole world is found in the self.”
Lao Tzu

“The primary job of the leader is to manage their energy”
Peter Drucker

Centred Leadership offers means to develop a better ability to create an aligned leadership presence, maintain balance and a clearer perspective, to develop your resilience and ability to handle pressure. It helps you to hook into your higher brain functions and greater emotional intelligence and control. It is also about tapping into your spirit to inspire and be inspired. Centred Leadership means becoming aware of, and understanding, your habitual patterns of behaviour which are your automatic responses to triggers and events. Sometimes these responses are fitting for the situation, sometimes they are not your best option and lead to the sort of behaviours you tell yourself off about later.

The essence here is embodying your capacities for effective action, getting them in the muscle; head, heart and belly working together, aligned and congruent. Within the martial arts and its wisdom teachings the belly or gut is the source of a certain power and confidence. Neuroscience is showing that our guts are a source of a certain instinctual and intuitive intelligence and play a significant role in decision making. The heart ‘brain’ also has a key role. Centred Leadership draws upon the martial arts, mindfulness, positive psychology, neuroscience and NLP. It engages all of you in the learning experience, not just your head; it is memorable and translates into practical action and embodied change and development.