In today’s world great leadership is founded on self awareness, personal vision, emotional intelligence and behavioural flexibility. It takes personal courage, focus, determination and commitment.

Leadership is about setting the context for change and the fulfillment of the potential of people and the organisation.  It is also about walking your talk.

Great leadership can come in many forms, depending on the situation.  There are however core skills, attitudes, qualities and values that are found in all good and effective leaders.  We work with our clients to develop these and the capacity to vary one’s leadership approach to what is needed by an individual or group.

Our leadership development includes Individual and Team Coaching, Leadership Development Programmes, Leadership Lessons from Horse Whispering, (which we offer as an in-house or as an open programme) and Centered Leadership (leading through mind and body).

We focus on behavioural change guided by personal values and integrity and supported by progressive models to guide thinking and practice.