Beyond CPD


Welcome to Beyond CPD. As independent consultants we set up Beyond in 2003 with the vision of adding leading edge open programmes and events to our existing in-house client work. The aim was, and is, to offer ideas and development that nudge, challenge and expand the boundaries of possibility for people and organisations. Our programmes and events seek to deepen and open the solution space for the many challenges we face, and point to the fact that ‘there is another way’.

This includes inviting guest presenters into Beyond. People who we value and whose work we value, for similarly pushing against the edges of the limiting thought, behaviour and practice of the status quo.

We delight in our on-going relationships with David Whyte, Nora Bateson, David Richo, Judith Delozier and Dr Andrew Curran. We have had the pleasure of hosting Nancy Kline, Dan Millman, Wendy Palmer, Shelle Rose Charvet, David Gordon & Peter Hawkins

Early next year we will be offering a two-day workshop with Professor Paul Brown, known for his work on neuroscience and organisations.

Over the years we have built a network and community of coaches, consultants, senior executives and others who attend these events and frequently return for more. Some who have done a good number of programmes and events with us we lovingly call ‘Beyonders’. It is our delight that all these people take their learning out into the world to spread the ripples of ‘Going Beyond’.