In-House Coach Training & Development


Increasingly organisations are seeking to develop their internal coaching capacity.  This can include developing a coaching culture, establishing an internal ‘coaching bank’ of qualified coaches and training directors and mangers in coaching skills.

Coaching encapsulates the flexibility, adaptability and specificity that are now so needed alongside group training and development in organisations.

Coaching is an effective and empowering means of developing talent and releasing energy within an organisation. It can quickly and effectively handle performance issues, clear barriers and blocks and focus on solutions.

Creating a Coaching Culture

We can assist you to think through what you want to achieve from a “coaching culture”. This may include developing a register of external coaches, internal coach training, development and supervision, and coach skills training for line managers.

Coach Training & Development

In addition to their managers having coaching skills a growing number of organisations identify the need for an internal coach resource. We provide development, training and supervision of internal coaches. Programmes can be tailor made and can include the training required for entry level accreditation.

Coaching Skills Training

We design and run coaching skills programmes for directors, senior and middle managers to fit with the culture and goals of the organisation. We provide practical and effective techniques and processes, supported by theory and the latest research, with plenty of opportunity for participants to practice and develop their coaching skills.