We define Somatic Intelligence as the integrated intelligence of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Somatic Intelligence is concerned with developing your capacities for:

  • centred presence
  • resilience
  • handling pressure and stress
  • awareness and mindfulness
  • working with energy
  • wellbeing
  • tapping into body-mind intelligence/intuition

Our approach to Somatic Intelligence brings together ancient traditions with modern day science. It draws on Eastern philosophy, martial arts and mindfulness practices, neuroscience, NLP, positive psychology, sports psychology and physiology. We provide 1:1 coaching, open workshops and training programmes for organisations.

Our body, mind, emotions and spirit are a team that influence each other constantly, whether or not we are aware of it. Training and development, and coaching have largely focussed on the mind and more recently on the emotions, but working somatically with the body provides a powerful additional door to impact performance, growth and development.

The body can both reveal and influence our mind and emotions at work. Through simple activities and changes to posture and how you use your body you can create significant differences in your ability to lead, listen, influence, be resilient, manage stress, maintain energy levels and generally be more effective. Whether you are a leader or manager in an organisation, a coach, teacher or parent, developing your Somatic Intelligence can make a difference to your effectiveness, health, energy and wellbeing.

Our Somatics work is led by Paul King who is a co-founder of Beyond. He has trained and worked in the field of mind-body intelligence and effectiveness for more than 25 years. He was the first person in Europe to be certified in the Leadership/Conscious Embodiment work of Wendy Palmer. He combines this with other somatic based training and his training in Inner Game coaching, NLP, Feldenkrais (movement-re-education), HeartMath, Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation and mindfulness practices.


“Paul King has a remarkably and highly-tuned intuitive grasp on how energy manifests itself through the way the body conveys what it is really experiencing and wanting to communicate.  In his embodied work he lifts the overlay of social assumptions into letting one see what is really being said.  In doing so he reminds us that, though we have language, the bodies of all mammals are intensely powerful in the way they communicate.  The skills of understanding and responding to those messages get lost among allegedly civilised human beings, but Paul helps regain those skills for whoever has time to listen, time to hear, and wants to know.”

Paul Brown, Professor of Organisational Neuroscience at Monarch Business School Switzerland and co-author of, The Fear-Free Organization and Neuropsychology for Coaches.