Working with Embodiment & Somatic Intelligence – An Introduction


Webinar Series 11, 18, 25 March 2021

2.00 – 3.30 p.m. GMT

I invite you to join me on these upcoming webinars. The series will explore foundational ideas and practices of Embodiment and Somatic Intelligence to resource your day to day living at home and at work, (which may be the same place), and support your wellbeing. The ideas and practices are for anyone wanting to find more resilience and resources when under pressure and meeting challenges. For those who are leaders, coaches, teachers, or work with others in some way, you will be able to apply the principles and practices with your clients, students, and colleagues.

Over the three sessions we will explore:

  • tuning into your sensory awareness and somatic intelligence
  • developing a centred resourceful presence
  • finding resilience and balance under pressure and challenge
  • how habitual reactive patterns show up in your body and limit your choice
  • enabling adaptive and flexible responses
  • releasing tension patterns and finding ease, supporting wellbeing
  • focusing energy and accessing resources to realise intentions
  • connecting energetically with others and working compassion
  • developing a confident grounded core

The somatic field brings the body into the room alongside the mind, and emotional intelligence as an equal and collaborative partner for growth and change. In difficult challenging situations, often the mind cannot change our thoughts or emotions, but the body can lead the way to shift us to more resourcefulness and capability. Engaging the body is important in establishing sustainable change.

The activities and practices are derived from Eastern martial arts and their associated wisdom traditions along with recent developments in neuroscience and psychology. We will particularly focus on the profound, yet practical, Leadership Embodiment work created by Wendy Palmer, which I have been teaching for fifteen years. We will also draw on other teachers and traditions, plus my own work, developed over thirty years as a coach and facilitator working with embodiment.

You will be invited to engage in practices between each session.

Some comments from participants on my November/December 2020 series

“I liked the rich variety of practices and explorations, as well as the opportunity to connect with others. It was a wonderful lockdown surprise – will be one of my 2020 highlights!” 

“A practice space for professionals to come together and experiment with embodiment techniques as well as a self-exploration of what emerges in oneself in the moment and how we can move and explore around our own and others’ truths and different ways of responding… “

“As an opportunity to apply the practices both in our own lives, and in our working/coaching lives.  As well, because of the way you invite real time input from participants, it also acts as a mentor-observation, where your natural coaching style supports someone, and we observe and learn from the conversation.”

“Overall you showed what is possible working with embodiment remotely and how we can bring in simple embodied exercises. Particularly interesting were the exercises where you specifically made the Zoom experience part of the exercise.”

“If you wish to acquire daily rituals that could change your way of thinking, behaving and achieving personal goals you definitely benefit from joining Paul’s webinars. Paul can easily help you to look at stress from inside of our bodies in a very simple but profound way.  It brings you a special feeling of freedom, lightness and happiness by changing personal modes during the embodiment practice.”


Price: £150+VAT (including some supporting material)

(VAT is not chargeable on bookings from businesses registered and situated outside the UK.)

Should you be interested in attending and currently have financial difficulties or if you have any questions, please email me or call +44(0)1437 710900.

Booking is via Eventbrite,

If you are interested in these webinars and cannot make the dates, email me and I will add you to our mailing list with your permission for future events.