Living Embodiment – Webinar Series – October/November 2021


18, 25 October & 1 November 2021  13.00-14.30 BST/GMT (clock change)

This series is open to those who have attended my Embodiment & Somatic Intelligence Parts I & II webinar series or my in-person Leadership Embodiment Part I or Part II workshops.

We can approach embodiment as a methodology, and we can approach it as a living Practice with a big P. When we do the latter, there is an additional layer in one’s relationship to the work. Embodiment becomes about awake presence, an interactive explorative relational process, both within us and within our meeting with the world. As a methodology, embodiment offers remarkably effective tools and practices for resourcing oneself and supporting long-term holistic, sustainable development and change. In this series we will be working and playing with these dimensions, what we might call ‘the mastery and the mystery’, alive within the embodied human being.

I am describing these webinars as salon as we will be engaging in collaborative inquiry and exploration into our Practice and not just about ‘you will get this if you attend’. The recent June series was very organic in what topics arose and how it flowed through he session. I brought some ideas very current for me and the aprticpants brought their themes which we explored and worked with in an integrative and embodied way, through somatic practices and conversation.

There will be a different rhythm to this series and you may wish to give yourself reflection time after each session. My hope is that this series will add another layer to your embodied learning and application to your work and non-work living.  I am looking forward to it very much and hope you can and will join me.

Having said all that I have listed below some of the terrain I imagine we might explore within the series.

  • tuning into your sensory awareness and somatic intelligence
  • delving into foundational principles
  • courageous conversations
  • the ways we meet the known, the unknown and the different
  • perceptual difference and the process of embodied learning
  • shaping and identity
  • resilience
  • intention and attention
  • efforting, allowing and power
  • metaphors of energy and engagement

Price: £180+VAT

(VAT is not chargeable on bookings from businesses registered and situated outside the UK.)

If this pricing causes you any difficulties due to your current financial situation please don’t let that stop your booking, instead please write to me and let’s talk.

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Any questions, please ask.