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DSC01275Welcome to our blog.  We are looking forward to sharing ideas and ponderings with you to inspire, challenge and sometimes amuse.

There are many factors involved in Going Beyond – to stepping outside of the normal, as an individual, team, organisation or society.

We have been working at this frontier for more than 25 years and in these blogs we will be exploring in various ways the many facets and dimensions of Going Beyond.

For us Going Beyond includes:

  • finding teaching and learning in everything – whether from poets or horses, pruning or neuroscience, the body or everyday life
  • living a life where one’s unique talents are realised – “following you bliss” (Joseph Campbell)
  • daring to risk – moving beyond habit to do just one thing differently
  • compassionate, mindful living – living with greater respect for all peoples and in greater harmony with the natural world
  • becoming a leader worth following – helping facilitate the talent of another
  • saying no as well as saying yes – stop what you are becoming to create the space for something else to emerge
  • “naming elephants” – having that “courageous conversation” (David Whyte)
  • “daring to trust” (Dave Richo)
  • believing there is another (better) way

This world challenges us at nearly every corner and it is a world to marvel at. As John O’Donohue said, “the real miracle of life is that there is something rather than nothing”.

Life can lead us to withdraw into the comfort and familiarity of our ‘home’. Going Beyond requires us to cross the threshold of that home, to find the courage, resources, inspiration and excitement to venture out……….beyond.

From time to time guest writers and fellow travellers will offer their contributions.

We hope you enjoy the travels.

Please feel free to write to us, we would  love to receive your comments.

Marie Faire & Paul King