We understand the realities of life working within organisations and we know from experience that we make a difference to people. Our coaching develops and realises potential, addresses performance issues and provides a sounding board. It is supportive, encouraging and challenging in equal measure.

All our coaching associates are experienced (some of us have been coaching for 25+ years), are qualified and are at least NLP Master Practitioners. We are all accredited or in the process of applying for accreditation with AC (Association for Coaching) and/or ICF (International Coaching Federation).

We also run coach development programmes including a public coach specific training programme; in-house coaching skills programmes for managers and leaders; training for internal coaches and the development of internal coaching banks and networks. We also offer supervision to coaches.

Coaching Services

We offer 1:1 coaching and team coaching in a variety of formats and have wide experience in an array of contexts.

As well as face to face coaching we coach (and supervise) by telephone and Skype. We were initially a little skeptical of the value of coaching that was not face to face but our experience has shown us that it is a valid and successful medium for coaching. We use this technology in combination with face to face sessions and also exclusively with clients who are located at a distance from us within the UK or elsewhere in the World.

Members of our team specialise in working with senior managers and directors, others with middle management, within the private, public and voluntary sectors.

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Culture Change

Some stuff here about culture change services.

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