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“The introductory day was a superb foundation… provided the answer to a heck of a lot of questions”.
IS, Senior Manager

'The workshop was engaging, valuable, fun, challenging and enlightening. Everything a good workshop should be! Paul is clearly knowledgeable about Spiral Dynamics. His facilitation was spot on as was his insight into the questions that the participants put on the table. I would highly recommend Paul, The Beyond Partnership and this workshop'.
Sally Bibb, Founder of Engaging Minds and writer  


Spiral Dynamics® presents a comprehensive map and a set of models and processes for understanding and affecting the different value systems and thinking systems that are the basis upon which people, (and organisations), make their decisions and choices. As an approach it is growing in popularity, adopted in business, the public sector, consultancy and education.

Whether you are a director, manager, teacher, coach or consultant Spiral Dynamics will offer a highly useful framework for understanding the value systems and trends affecting culture and decision making today.

Our introductory workshop will give you a full overview of Spiral Dynamics and explore applications. We will look at the sequence in which the values levels emerge and why and how they can change. Each level has a particular way of thinking, different motivational “hot buttons”, different beliefs, different learning styles and requires a different approach in management or coaching.  An appreciation of this approach can help you answer questions such as:

  • What is the best way of developing and supporting people?
  • What really motivates that person, that department or the organisation as a whole?
  • How do you get the best out of everyone?
  • Why does a change programme that worked in one situation not work in another?
  • Why is the marketing initiative missing the target market?
  • What people do you need to be recruiting currently and for the future?
  • Is your corporate strategy taking account of the different value systems operating within your business and market?
  • How do you design an effective and integrated people, resourcing and recruitment strategy?

“Spiral Dynamics allows us to get underneath current culture and thinking to help us understand how to structure our change programme and move thinking in line with the changes in the environment and context.”
Superintendent Dave Hill, Head of Organisational Delivery, Northamptonshire Police

Next Event

Date: 5th April 2017

Price: £225+VAT 

Venue: TBA

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