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SD Certification


“The course was enlightening, useful, and fun. Over the past 5 years my company has been invited into many organisations where things that used to work no longer do so. Since the course, I have found that many complex problems faced within my own organisation and our client organisations, have now been given a solution. We have managed to give ourselves an injection of new vision and new ideas, which is filtering through to our clients.”
MA, Partner in IT Consultancy


"I highly recommend anyone to attend this event. Whether you are running your own business, a leader in business today, managing a team or simply for your own personal development - this event is a must! You will learn how to create a framework for understanding others at a deeper level and how to use what you learn to be even more effective in your chosen field. If you are wondering why you are successful in some areas and not in others Spiral Dynamics opens a fresh new approach to how you can create more success for yourself and others in the world today."
LA, Organisational Trainer & Consultant


"The certification was a fantastic course that gave me great insight into how I think within the environment I work and live in. It has given me tools to work with my team particularly in managing change and identifying who should do what and when. It is helping me lead major strategic change within my organisation by enabling me to assess how my managers think, their management styles and the conditions needed to enable change to happen within the organisation. On a personal level it is helping me understand why I think the way I do and how I react to others. I enjoyed the course immensely"
Janet Dullaghan, Director



Spiral Dynamics® Training & Certification

The Last One

SDL1 21-24 May & SDL2 26-28 May 2017


This upcoming May programme will be the last opportunity you will have anywhere to attend SDL1 and SDL2 with Natasha Todorovic of NVC Consulting as she winds down offering this open training programme.

This seven day onsite programme in the theories, models and applications of the SD approach will resource you to work with this material and authorise you to use the official online SD assessment tools. 

Natasha is the long-time partner and collaborator with Spiral Dynamics co-founder Chris Cowan who sadly passed away in 2015. Natasha
 is the foremost authority on Gravesian Theory and co-developer of Spiral Dynamics® Programs with a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you. She has been teaching this workshop for the past 20 years across the world.

So, if you want to develop your knowledge and ability in the Spiral Dynamics® approach to a high level, learning from the expert and become officially certified to use the original Spiral Dynamics® profiling tools, then don’t miss out on this last chance and book now.  

There are also significant savings available for early bird bookings. Spaces are limited.
The training is taking place in Bath, a beautiful city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is plenty to do in the evenings and during the day off between SDL1 and SDL2.

About the training

The training will provide you with the most thorough and up-to-date training you will find in this work, taking participants into the real depths and potential of the theory, the models and their application, to support change.

It will give you a depth of learning and experience to utilise and work with this material professionally and as "clean" and close-to-the-source rendition of the Graves point of view as possible.

It will cover how some of the original ideas and populist interpretations of Spiral Dynamics need updating and modifying 
Participants "live" the levels of existence point of view as it is applied to business, personal development, education, and a host of other topic areas. Sessions are lively, interactive, and fun, but also demanding, thought provoking and intense.   
The focus is purely and simply on Spiral Dynamics® tools and the work of Clare Graves, leaving you free to integrate what you learn with what you already know.  
We will addresses the understanding and application traps many fall into and details of the theory behind the colours so you will learn how to think in new ways.
We will explores the Systems Recognition Principles and the essential Gravesian elements of the model

.... and there is much more....... click here for pdf lealfet

Dates: SDL1: 21-24 May, SDL2 26-28 May 2017

Venue: Hilton Hotel, Bath, UK

Fees: See the program leaflet - click here

Booking: Please email with your name and invoicing address. 

If you have any questions please contact us  


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