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Spiral Dynamics®: Value Systems at Work

The Beyond Partnership is UK partner of NVC Consulting, founded by Chris Cowan (co-developer of Spiral Dynamics®) and Natasha Todorovic. We are the sole organisation in the UK authorised by NVC to provide Spiral Dynamics trainings.  We deliver in-house and public workshops plus coaching and consultancy with individuals, teams and organisations.

The approach of Spiral Dynamics® presents a unique and exciting developmental framework for understanding and addressing the complex challenges of the modern world.  

The theoretical base, models and materials provide profound systemic insight into individuals, team, organisations and human cultures - why they do what they do - what is the nature and direction of their next step - what is the best way to influence and lead this person or these people at a particular time.
Spiral Dynamics maps out the spectrum and evolution of value systems and thinking patterns found in individuals and human groupings today.  It shows us how people have developed diverse worldviews and the processes through which these emerge and evolve.  It provides a compass and models for understanding how we develop and change.
Human motivation is driven by our values and beneath that our ‘valuing systems’, a deeper framework of influence.  Much of this is such an everyday experience for us that it is generally outside our consciousness, in the same way as we don’t think about how we walk, or as Marshall McLuhan said, “I don't know who discovered water but I’m sure it wasn’t a fish”.
The Spiral Dynamics view is therefore concerned with WHY we do what we do and HOW we decide, not with WHAT we do.  In this it draws deeply on the original and extensive research of Clare Graves and his resultant theory of adult bio-psyhco-social systems development - a bit of a mouthful but it actually speaks to the breadth of its coverage, applications and implications.


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