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Somatic Intelligence Workshops


"Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for yesterday. It was all that it should have been – thought provoking, challenging, reflective and fun (and funny at times too!)."
MC, Learning & Development Consultant

"I attended the Somatics workshop with The Beyond Partnership already twice and it never stops amazing me. The learning happens in a direct and extremely powerful way and the activities are a lot of fun too. Paul's comments are always precious in their depth and detail. The workshops enabled me not only to pay more attention to and recognise what my body is trying to tell me but also how connected it is with my thoughts and feelings. Professionally it gave me the ability to manage myself and others better when under pressure and it taught me invaluable lessons about leadership."
Francesca Zanisi, L&D trainer, Online Retail 
"A very quick note to thank you; it was tremendous fun, very worthwhile and used some of the stuff today with a client that went down well."
SM, Executive Coach
"I really didn't know what to expect from this 2 day workshop but it sounded a little different, relevant to my circumstances and slightly uncomfortable - so I decided to give it a go - and I'm very glad that I did. 

The approach of using the combination of gentle movement, thought and energy created a highly effective - yet always relaxed - environment in which we could learn. This was underpinned by rich content from Paul and by the wide variety of interesting perspectives from others in the group. 

I came away really pleased with how much I learnt - and yes it was a little different, it was certainly relevant, and it was often good fun".
Iain Wilkie - Partner EY

"A gently paced, thought provoking experience of embodiment. Enlightening and leaving me feeling at the start of a journey of working with my own energy and that of my clients as coach and therapist."
Sue Cruse, Executive Coach and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Somatic Intelligence Workshops - 

These workshop focuses on the integrated, instinctive and intuitive intelligence within you; an exploration of your Soma - the mind, body, emotions and spirit in their interconnected wholeness.

We will work with such themes as centering under pressure, finding balance, effective leadership and followership, focusing energy, aligning body, heart and mind to your outcomes, and attuning to oneself and others.

Through various non-strenuous activities and practices you will learn about your habitual patterns of behaving and thinking, and develop alternatives, including ways to respond to the incoming pressures of life from a place of 'centre' rather than from your judgments and fears.  The workshops will draw upon martial arts, mindfulness practice, energy work, Feldenkrais, NLP and probably a little philosophy and physiology.

Somatic Intelligence Level 1

The workshop will incorporate Leadership Embodiment Level 1 practices. 

We will engage in conversation and simple 'physical-mental' exercises to explore:

  • Developing a personal 'centering' practice
  • The wisdom of your intuition – recognising signals
  • Your patterns when under stress
  • Resilience and stability under pressure
  • Alignment and focus
  • Boundaries not barriers
  • How you tend to organise yourself when in the role of leader or follower
  • Your capacity to tolerate paradox and uncertainty
  • Patterns and tendencies in how you bring your desires and intentions into the world
  • Listening to the underlying message of others and holding the space for differences
"Paul is a master of somatics. Having studied the field for 25 years myself it's not easy to find experts who can genuinely show me something new, but Paul is one of them.  The weekend was insightful, quietly rigorous and we also had a lot of fun and laughter too!"
Liz Rivers, Leadership Coach

"Paul is an excellent facilitator and not only shared the content of the somatics workshop but worked with each individual to coach them through their own learning. I would highly recommend this work to anyone in the coaching orleadership field."
Nancy Hughes, MCC, Vincere Coaching Pte Ltd

"I experienced this course as full of powerful yet subtle learnings:
the body as our Centre of Being, letting the body lead the way, waking up to what our body is telling us, going forward by standing still, that our support is always behind us, stepping towards the problem without defending or armouring.
All these I believe are still with me and percolating into my daily life and work.  It was holism in action."
Gordon Symons, Energy & Resilience Consultant  
For anyone associated with the International Coach Federation, this course attracts 10 CCEUs, (Core Competences 7.5 & Resource Development 2.5)

Next Events

Dates: 14/15 October  Venue: Boston Spa,  Click here for pdf leaflet with further detail

Dates: 9/10 November  Venue: Royal Wootton Basset,  Click here for pdf leaflet with further detail

Price: £320+VAT

Dates: 24/25 November  Venue: Vienna  

For more information please contact

Somatic Intelligence Level 2

This workshop is open to people who have completed the Level 1 workshop.  It incorporates Leadership Embodiment Level 2. For anyone really wanting to embody this work we would encourage you to consider repeating the Level 1 programme, perhaps before taking the Level 2 Programme.

Next Event

Dates: 11/12 November 

Venue: Royal Wootton Bassett

Price: £320+VAT

For more information please contact us

"I have now attended two level 2 Leadership Embodiment weekends with Paul (February and September 2014).  Paul is flexible in his style and uses his skill and experience to tailor the practices to the needs/request of participants.  He works with people in a very intuitive way and offers insightful alternatives and suggestions to help you discover more about yourself and others.    I have learnt a lot about myself from embodiment work with Paul and look forward to this continuing.  I have increased my ability to tap in to my “quiet power” through the practices that I use both in my work and in my life - this enables me to wield more influence in a way that includes others.  Paul’s approach is fun and light but also grounded in his extensive understanding of many other complementary fields of knowledge which link well with somatic practices.  I highly recommend Paul’s Leadership Embodiment work.  You’ll wish you’d met him years ago – I do!!” 

Annie Pearson, Head of Business Transformation, NHS
"I attended the Level 2 Leadership Embodiment course on the 27th and 28th of September 2014.  It was a well organised and lively event that gave me opportunity to revise the concepts and exercises that I learnt during level 1 and expand my understanding and practice of Leadership Embodiment. I use some of the exercises daily and notice the benefits in myself and how I interact with others. Paul is an excellent facilitator who creates a trusting and supporting atmosphere. I strongly recommend this course to all who have already completed the level 1 training."
Dr Katalin Illes, Principal Lecturer in Leadership and Development, University of Westminster

"Thanks a lot for the week-end. It was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 2 training. Having already done level 1 Leadership Embodiment &  Somatic Intelligence with Paul, I can only recommend this level 2 as well. Where level 1 laid the groundwork for me, level 2 took the whole somatic self-awareness and leadership pattern experience so much deeper. Each exercise brought with it its own revelations, insights and shifts supported by Paul’s intuitive facilitation style and space holding. It was such a gift to be able to bring my deeply help habitual patterns into conscious awareness in a safe and fun environment, accept them for what they are and allow them to shift at their own pace. Paul’s targeted feedback and suggestions were immensely helpful and allowed me to discover a number of previous blindspots that I can now work on."
Bettina Pickering, Director, Aronagh – Consultancy, Training and Coaching



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