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Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain

Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain

A One Day workshop on Tai Ji and its Wisdom


We invite you to a day of play and exploration into Tai Ji and its wisdom.

The Tai Ji will be based on a creative free flowing approach, which is easy, joyful and relaxing to do. It is both a bodily experience and a metaphoric exploration of the elemental dynamics of life. Tai Ji is a great teacher of centre, balance, grounding and ease.

The day will be led by Paul King who started his exploration into tai chi and the somatic wisdom of the body-mind more than 30 years ago. He is co-founder of The Beyond Partnership and works as a coach, consultant and facilitator.

Date: TBA

Price: £125+VAT

Venue: TBA

Please email including your name and full invoicing address.



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