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Daring to Risk: The Beyond Retreat

Daring to Risk: The Beyond Retreat 

9-13 September 2017,  Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Paul King & Marie Faire 

We invite you to join us at Nolton Haven Farmhouse, looking over a quiet beach within the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. 

We are fondly calling this, 'a bohemian retreat' and we intend for it to provide a wonderful oasis.

We will draw upon Joseph Campbell’s work with the hero’s journey and engage in reflective practice, tai chi, art and conversation to make connections to our own life’s journey and our daily living. 

We will spend time inside and outside, including the beach across from the farmhouse and at other special locations.  Our schedule will adapt to the weather, (everything has to in this part of the world!).

There will be some free time to enjoy the area and/or to do ‘you own thing’. Options include just being still, walking, boat trips, visiting ancient sites, going to St David’s and its wonderful Cathedral. One treat is seeing the seal pups, which are born at this time of year.  

Finally if a partner or friend wants to come with you but does not wish to participate in the retreat we hope to make that possible. Dogs, babies and children are welcome too.

The Hero’s Journey, Tai Chi and the Real World, Pembrokeshire Retreat, 2016
"Blessed with beautiful weather, a wonderful setting, amazing beaches and unendingly generous hospitality, Paul and Marie created a haven for us in West Wales to explore our own hero’s journey. The offerings ranged from exploring archetypes to working with key questions using paper, wax and charcoal and from Tai Chi to tarot cards. All were beautifully and gently facilitated. Add in new friendships, several beach walks, visits to St David’s Cathedral and St Non’s Chapel and time for personal reflection and you have a perfect few days away from the pressures of daily living to set you up for the months ahead. It was special time in a special place with special people and was not to be missed."
Jacky Hughes

Dates:  From 4.00 p.m. Saturday 9 September  to 3.00 p.m. Wednesday 13 September 2017
             (Accommodation will be avaibale at the venue until 10.00 a.m. Friday 15 September at no extra cost) 

Price: £700+VAT 

Venue: The Farmhouse, Nolton Haven, Nr. Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

For more information please contact us



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