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"Creativity and Innovation are not and should not be seen as the domains of those 'creative types' or 'developers'.  We all have the capacity for Creativity and Innovation. Whether we are considering an individual, a team or an organisation, the question is not if we are creative, it is how we are creative, and then how to release and further develop these capacities."
Marie Faire & Paul King
Founders of The Beyond Partnership


"Survey of over 1600 executives worldwide found that creativity and innovation are the primary strategic objectives for 72% of companies."
Boston Consulting Group

“More than rigor, management discipline, integrity or even vision - successfully navigating an increasingly complex world will require creativity.”



Creativity is the capacity within individuals to develop ideas for the purpose of solving problems and exploiting opportunities.

Innovation is the application of creativity to give rise to a new product, service or process delivering something new and better to the world
We utilise the me² diagnostic and training tool to help individuals and teams, at every level, understand the psychology behind their capacity to solve problems and exploit opportunities.
There are 3 psychometric tools currently available in the me² suite. All the tools are based on over 8 years of research on creativity by Dr Mark Batey, a world-leading authority on the subject, and the Psychometrics at Work Research Group at Manchester Business School.
The research which led to the creation of the me² model and tools, identified twelve individual creativity factors grouped into four dimensions: idea generation, personality, motivation and confidence. See below.
There are various levels of profile reports that we can administer for you - please click here. If you would like to trial the questionnaire for use in your organsiation we can arrange that free of charge.  
We follow these up with coaching and/or training to assist individuals to develop their capacities, teams to work creatively and well together, and organisations to establish a more creative and innovative culture. 


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