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“Fun, challenging and helped me really grow. My only words of warning would be - if you like bland stuff, want to keep your ego intact and tick a box to get the badge don't bother - they're too good to let you do that.”
AS, Director of Finance 


"I did my NLP Master Practitioner with Beyond. I learned more from Marie about the integrity and rigour of modelling in those 6 months than I have on any other NLP programme. I would highly recommend Marie for her exquisite blend of challenge, humour, creativity and love of learning."
MJ, Consultant & Coach


The Beyond NLP Master Practitioner - An Advanced Professional & Personal Development Programme

At Beyond we are so very excited about this programme. We are passionate about releasing the potential of each of us and believe that this development is about allowing and encouraging us to be more of who we are. This programme uniquely combines high quality NLP training with a personal and professional journey.  Our small group format, a maximum of 12 people ensures focused support from the trainers.

We like to create multi-level learning experiences, that are fun, challenging and “at the edge”. This will be no exception. You will be encouraged to challenge, and be challenged, to give and receive feedback, to fully engage, to take risks and live the learning as it is happening.

Practitioner skills are the foundation stones on which we build what we call 3-dimensional NLP. We bring your personal journey to the forefront - who you are now and who you want to become – both in your work and in your personal life. We use the core NLP skill of modelling as a fundamental process for realising your potential.

We apply modelling to two major projects, individual and organisational, that will support your personal alignment and integrity. You will further develop your NLP abilities through mapping patterns and systems and working with beliefs, values, leverage points and advanced NLP based change agent skills.

"My personal mission is to live my life ‘like a flaming torch’, with a sense of personal integrity and a willingness to put myself on the line. And my bliss is in facilitating others to do the same and become all they can be.”
Marie Faire - lead trainer

“Knowing and working with Marie has helped me to; know myself, open my eyes to see what and where I want to be, cleared my mind to understand how it is possible and realize that I have the strength of heart to go and achieve it”
RS, Business Owner

Entry Requirements
We require that you have a NLP Practitioner certificate recognised by the Association for NLP (ANLP). If you have another NLP training please contact us.

Next Event

17-19 January 2018
14-16 February
14-16 March 
18-20 April
16-18 May 
13-15 June

The Rectory Hotel, Crudwell, nr Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 9EP

Bookings by 8 December 2017
Self Sponsored & Charities £2500+VAT
Corporate Sponsored £2900+VAT 

Bookings after 8 December 2017
Self Sponsored: £2850+VAT
Corporate Sponsored £3250+VAT

For leaflet please click here or for further information please contact us


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