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Judith Delozier

Connected Wisdom & The Veils of Misconception

Judith Delozier

18/19 October 2017


This is the third event in our 2017 Masterclass series and we are delighted to be welcoming back the amazing Judith Delozier. Judy was a member of Grinder and Bandlers original group of students in 1975 and since then has made fundamental contributions to the development of numerous NLP models and processes. She has undoubtedly been the leading female presence in NLP and along with Grinder, Bandler and Robert Dilts she has been one of NLPs four major players. The powerful nature of her work is also influence by her background in anthropology, religious studies, dance and somatics.
The history of NLP has seen it evolve from a primary focus on the individual arising from the modelling of effective therapists, through its second iteration which moved the focus onto relationships and widened its applications. It was a time when timelines, submodalities, perceptual positions and metaprogrammes were introduced. The current third generation of NLP has been developing since the 1990s. Third generation NLP emphasises whole system change and goes beyond NLP’s previous emphasis on the cognitive mind to include the physical and emotional intelligence of what it calls the ‘somatic mind’ and the ‘field mind’ that arises from our relationships to the systems around us. It has at its heart an energetic frame.
The workshop is about connecting to the wisdom inside and outside of ourselves. We will explore the relationship between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies and our capacities to enable collective wisdom and connect into the ‘wisdom of the field’. We will explore instinct, intuition and will. We will also explore the ‘veils of misconception’ that can misdirect us, or trip us up.
We will apply self-modelling to dimensions that often feel opposite but are connected and complimentary, such as grounded action and transcendental states, shadow and light, wilfulness and allowing. 
These ideas connect to many recent findings in neuroscience. Dan Siegel defines mind as an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information. It can be seen as a self-organizing, emergent process of a complex system. So, to borrow a metaphor from Richard Bandler, how are we driving our bus and relating to the traffic?
This is a workshop inviting enquiry and exploration. It is open to people with a NLP Practitioner qualification and more than 60 hours of NLP training.
Judith Delozier
Judith has been involved with the development of NLP since 1975 and was co-author of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Vol. I (1980), with Robert Dilts, She has co-written a number of books since, including Turtles All the Way Down: Prerequisites to Personal Genius (1987), which she co-authored with John Grinder. In this book Judith explored the interrelationships between NLP and the threads of culture, community, art, aesthetics and epistemology. The result of this work was the creation of NLP New Coding, which stimulated a movement toward a more systemic and relational approach to NLP, and a resurgence of interest in the work of Gregory Bateson. In addition to the development of Perceptual Positions, which have become one of the fundamental distinctions of NLP, Judith’s contributions to NLP New Coding include Attention Training and the relationship between conscious and unconscious processes. Judith’s background in dance has led her to promote the use of movement as a primary tool of NLP and the creation with Robert Dilts of the processes of Somatic Syntax. 
Judith holds a master’s degree (MA) in Religious Studies, and a bachelor’s degree (BA) in  Anthropology and Religious Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she met Grinder and Bandler. She has taught NLP all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Central America, Canada, and the United States, and was president of Grinder, DeLozier, and Associates, and DeLozier and Associates for approximately 14 years. She is presently an associate of NLP University with Robert Dilts. 
Fees: Early Bird Discount - Bookings by 17 September £375+VAT, Bookings after 17 September £425+VAT
Venue: Wiltshire or Bath
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