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Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP

We have been coaching, consulting and leading training programmes for many years and know of no other approach with such effective and widespread applicability and capacity to bring about change. Our own experience with NLP dates back to the mid 1980's and its early days within the UK.

NLP is sometimes simply defined as the study of the structure of subjective experience - that is, how we create our experience and do what we do.  It was founded on modelling how various people did what they did excellently and “the differences that makes the difference‟. Out of this has emerged a set of tools and a methodology for developing personal and professional capacity in leadership, coaching, communication, influence, self development, change, sports and artistic performance and more.  

For us the body of knowledge that is NLP is second to none for its ability to facilitate change and enable results. It is increasingly adopted within organisations, performers, change agents and coaches where its practical techniques and tools can be easily learned and integrated.

Over the years we have been developing our own processes and approaches to working with NLP and continuing to learn from others. We now run a variety of open programmes from Introductory Days, through Practitioner, Master Practitioner to Trainer Training and Masterclasses

With our organisational clients NLP is integral to our coaching, facilitation and training work. We have also delivered to them specific NLP training from short courses to Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification programmes.

Our certificated trainings are recognised by The Professional Guild for NLP and the Association for NLP (ANLP).

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