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Leadership, Presence & Impact: Lessons from Horse Whispering



"The course provided instant feedback and the opportunity to transfer learning to organisational behaviours. I was curious and found the course to be both challenging and inspiring with constant feedback and discussion. The horse waits for your guidance, scary and thrilling, and the best adventure I have experienced in my personal and professional development. I believe the size of the group contributed to my learning and provided the right balance of see one, do one etc."
SB, Director of Service Delivery

“It has taught me to create an even closer relationship with people, to listen to them more attentively, to observe their body language and to be very clear with my communication. It has given me assertiveness and empowered me to communicate what I want and need in order that projects and work can move forward more effectively and efficiently. Clear communication allows people to grow and know what is expected in the process of accomplishing a task or goal. I now have more time for people around me and I can listen to their needs in a very different way.”
MR, Coach

"The horse whispering workshop run by The Beyond Partnership was not like any other training course I have experienced. You could not predict the correct answer or provide what you thought was expected of you as per the usual classroom based courses as a horse doesn't have expectations only reactions. I felt that it was my belief in what I was doing (or lack of belief in some instances) that the horse reacted to . In short, this is one course where you can't fake it."
Sarah Mason, Head of European Regulatory Affairs, Idis


This powerful and profound 2-day experiential leadership development event explores the fundamental principles of leadership through learning and applying the art of horse whispering.

For many of us there is often a gap between theory and practice, between what we know and what we do. In this course you will discover where some of those gaps are and how to become a more effective leader and communicator. Working with horses participants come face to face with their personal challenges of leadership and communication. You will find horses are perfect mirrors reflecting the leadership and communication style you present. No riding is involved, your interactions with the horses are on the ground. It is a profound learning and development experience.

Your personal outcomes and questions form the focus for this workshop.  With personal coaching from the facilitators, both outside with the horses and in the seminar room, you will get to understand yourself and develop the range of your skills and abilities for leading and influencing. Watching others and group discussion clarifies the principles and lessons for effective leadership in theory and in personal practice. We will offer models and suggestions in response to what arises to help you make sense of your experiences. This is a fresh and different approach, and one that works.

We work with individuals and teams on such key themes as:

·        Their ability to inspire and motivate
·        The clarity of their communication
·         Being purposeful and definite
·         How to make it easy for people to follow you
·         Listening to and giving feedback
·         Recognising their innate leadership strengths
·         Identifying blind spots – raising awareness 
·         Learning how to motivate people, (horses), when they are not engaged
·         Working with high energy, your own and others
·         Leading with both openness and focus
·         Personal impact
·         The impact of body language and self belief
·         Reading the non verbal communication of others
·         Problem solving through communication and collaboration
·         Creative and agile thinking
·         Being out of your comfort zone
·         Doing things differently
·         Rewarding behaviours (so often mistimed)
·         Identifying leadership and followership needs of different people
·         Leading from behind as well as from the front
·         Effective team working

"A development experience like no other - in working with the horses you experience profound and pure feedback, not clouded by agendas, egos, politics and so on. The learning from this will stay with me forever - the lessons for life and learning are amazing".


"I was privileged to attend the Leadership Lessons from Horse Whispering Course and it proved to be a powerful and magical experience. The horses with their distinctive personalities were encouraged by us, the participants to carry out certain tasks. It soon became obvious that you could not fake belief or trust and the horses' response mirrored the participants own belief. This proved to be a powerful lesson that when extrapolated back to our own working lives, shed light in an original way, in how best to be a leader. Its very difficult to put into words how this happens because its all about the experience. The facilitators both in and outside the pen were nonjudgemental and created a unique learning environment with their promptings and insights. I cannot recommend this course highly enough."
Richard De Souza MD, GP and Sports Coach

To read about the continued impact of this course 18 months down the line for one of our participants please click here

Next Event

Date: 30 May 2017

Price: One-Day workshops £375+VAT. Two-Day workshops £750+VAT

Venue: Nr Axbridge, Somerset 

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