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Nora Bateson

The Symmathesy Lab: Addressing the Inter-dependency of 'Wicked' Problems with Nora Bateson

Autumn 2017

Watch out for details of this dive into some of the challenging issues of our time.

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Nora Bateson

Nora is a filmmaker, lecturer, writer, as well as director & producer of the award-winning documentary film, An Ecology of Mind, a portrait of her father Gregory Bateson’s way of thinking, follow link here.
Nora describes herself as an “interdisciplinary interloper” she travels between conversations in different fields and with different audiences bringing multiple perspectives into view to reveal larger patterns.
She teaches internationally, leading conversations and seminars. Currently she is developing her next film and has recently published a book about the practical application of systems thinking and complexity theory in everyday life entitled, “Small Arcs of Larger Circles”.
Nora is the president of the International Bateson Institute,(IBI), in Stockholm Sweden. The IBI brings together the sciences, arts and vocational wisdoms, to projects from around the world, that require interdisciplinary research reaching into and beyond the academic frame.
You can view Nora's Blog postings here, these include, Practicality in Complexity and one introducing Symmathesy.
Below is information on her recent talk earlier and you can see details of workshops earlier this year on Symmathesy: Learning & Change here.

Comments about Nora


“Really delightful and inspiring.”

“Exceptional, extraordinary”

“Wonderful on so many levels.”

“Thought provoking and challenging.....” 

"Nora Bateson’s work needs to be experienced to even begin to integrate the richness it contains. The result is like being given a special lens which offers you the opportunity to see the world differently. It is truly an aesthetic form of wisdom.”
Penny Tompkins and James Lawley Authors of Metaphors in Mind



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