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Dr Andrew Curran - Attachment Theory

The Neuroscience of Attachment: Its Implications & Applications

Dr Andrew Curran and Marie Faire

This workshop reveals and explores the core influence of developmental attachment on relationships, leadership and performance. It will be led by Marie Faire and Dr Andrew Curran.

Andrew Curran is a neurobiologist and a practising paediatric neurologist at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.  He is committed to taking his extraordinary knowledge of the workings of the human brain into learning, development and education. He has been involved with Manchester University's Department of Education looking at the use of emotional literacy and more recently the processing of reward in the human brain.

His book, the Little Book of Big Stuff about the Brain (published by Crown House Publishing) is recognised as one of the leading books about understanding brain based learning and the importance of emotional literacy in our classrooms and in our lives. He is a talented and internationally recognised presenter and was a main presenter on BBC3’s Make My Body Younger.  

Marie Faire is co-founder of The Beyond Partnership and an executive coach, coaching supervisor, trainer and consultant, with more than 30 years experience.

Our attachment experiences are foundational to how we form relationships in our adult life. Insecure attachment has devastating consequences for our interpersonal relationships and our ability to form mature and healthy relationships. We will review the different types of attachment and consider our own upbringing using models, questionnaires and self reflection.

It is said that any insecurity we develop in childhood will trump any other influence on our adult relationships, if we do not address it.

Historically it was thought that actions to compensate for insecure attachment would require years of therapy. We now know that it is possible with relatively simple interventions to rewire the human brain.

Andrew and Marie will explore attachment theory from its origins pioneered by John Bowlby in 1958 to the present day and present the latest neuroscience which is supporting the ideas presented within the theory and approach. They will bring it all together to apply all that is explored and discussed to ourselves and our work, including applications to direct 1:1 client work, as well as for leaders and consultants. 

The plan for the day is as follows:

  • An Introduction and Overview of Attachment Theory

  • The Neuroscience of Learning and Development

  • Understanding Contemporary Neurobiology that supports Attachment Theory

  • Application to ourselves and our work 

Participants will be invited to complete a questionnaire on Attachment Styles prior to the workshop. You will not be asked to share the results unless you are willing or wish to do so.

Those who are already familiar with the theory will be invited to share their own understandings and interpretations throughout the workshop.

We are also offering an optional PART 2 follow-up day for participants to further explore applications and their experiences.  

Date: 3 November 2016

Fee: £175+VAT

Venue: The Rectory Hotel, Crudwell, Nr Malmesbury, Wiltshire


The follow-up Part 2 workshop, Part 2 will be open to anyone who has attended the Part 1 workshop in June or November. Part 2 will delve further into applications of Attachment Theory and address any questions that have arisen since Part 1.   

Date: 19 January 2016 (9.30 – 5.00)

Price: £175+VAT

Venue: TBA

Booking: Please email including your invoicing address, (if we don’t already have it).

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