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The Coaching Space & Retreats

The Coaching Space

The Coaching Space is a 1:1 or small group executive coaching experience incorporating time away from the office.  

We meet off site and take time out.  We can walk and talk and sometimes sit, using the gift of the natural world and open space for reflection, inspiration and insight.   We offer this service in and around the beautiful Marlborough Downs near our Wiltshire office or around the magnificent Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park near our base just outside Haverfordwest.

The minimum period is half a day. We also offer longer "retreats" where you meet us each day for coaching, to take stock, develop your plans, recharge your batteries, reduce stress and build resilience. We will work with your agenda, bringing all our experience to bear from working for more than 25 years in organisational, team and individual development and change.  Alongside our business experience and understanding of leadership, management, change and personal development we can offer other practices to work with mind, body, emotions and spirit.  

Each Coaching Space and retreat experience is tailor made.


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