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Leading & Coaching Teams Open Workshop

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, except when it is less.

This workshop is for leaders, facilitators, trainers, team coaches and supervisors who want to understand more about leading and coaching teams, group process and group dynamics to bring the best out of people when they are working together.

The synergy that is sought can only happen when a team or group is working well. Far more frequently teams and groups do not get the best out of people, they become dysfunctional and underperform. This workshop looks at the processes and practices for creating a healthily functioning group or team and at the characteristics of dysfunction, why and how it occurs.

Content will include:

• Running successful teams
• Power in groups
• Group life
• Handling conflict 
• Beginnings, middles and endings
• Consensus, alignment, agreement
• Patterns in groups and teams
• Coaching, leading or facilitating a team
• Addressing issues
• "Naming elephants"
• Working with what is present


Limited Places

There is a minimum number of 7 participants for this workshop and a maximum of 12 places available.

Next Event

Dates: 22/23 March 2017     

Price: £400+VAT 

Venue: Lacock (National Trust Village), Wiltshire

For further information please contact us



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