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How the Brain Works – NLP & Neuroscience - £36(including VAT)

A Series of 6 videos ready to download.

This series is a result of collaboration between The Beyond Partnership and Dr Andrew Curran exploring the relationship between the emerging discoveries of neuroscience and the developmental and change methodology of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

This video, which we have broken into sections for ease of watching and download, was shot at one of Beyond’s quarterly Masterclasses. To set the scene for our exploration of NLP & Neuroscience Andrew presented an overview of how the brain works from the perspective of learning and development.




Somatic Intelligence: Working with & through the Body-Mind

Spiral Dynamics: The Intervention Design Question


The Five Longings by David Richo - The Introduction


Wellbeing: An Energetic Perspective


The Three C’s of Professional Practice






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