The Centred & Resilient Leader Workshop


with Paul King

Dates: 22 November 2017

Price: £275+VAT

Venue: Central London

For more information and to book please contact us


This one day workshop is specifically designed for leaders and managers working in organisations. Any system functions at its best when it is aligned, for us individually this means aligning aspects of our body and mind. This releases energy engaged in unconscious habitual patterns and internal conflicts to become more effective and a clear and open leader worth following.

Competition and survival let alone success in this changing world demand that we develop and use a greater range of our capacities. Even more significantly it is essential that we are able to use these effectively under pressure and not act reactively out of fear or anxiety, which typically limits us. For our organisations to be effective, efficient, adaptable, creative, resilient, coordinated, well lead and well managed it makes a difference if we can first do that for ourselves. This workshop will explore and offer means to do this.