The Beyond Retreat: Daring To Trust


1-6 September 2018,  Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Paul King & Marie Faire with Jane Slemeck

We invite you to join us for our annual retreat in a farmhouse looking over a quiet beach within the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

We are fondly calling this, ‘a bohemian retreat’ and we intend for it to provide a wonderful nourishing oasis.

We will draw upon aspects of Joseph Campbell’s work with the hero’s journey and engage in reflective practice, creative free-flowing Tai Chi, art and conversation to make connections to our own life’s journey and our daily living.

In exploring trust, we will draw on Marie’s considerable experience plus the work of others including, Paul Zak, David Richo and Judith Glaser. Trust is core to us as humans….in both our physical and psychological survival. We both need and want to trust and at the same time we are wired to be risk averse. We will explore what trust means in your work and personal life; what creates trust and distrust; what it means to be trusting and trustworthy, how to risk and remain open. We will be applying new understandings about our amazing neurology, and ancient wisdom about our innate fears. You can read about Marie here.

Paul has been practicing Tai Chi and delving into the somatic wisdom of the body-mind more than 30 years. He will guide us and our exploration through a Tai Chi form that is easy, joyful and relaxing to do. It will offer both a bodily experience and a metaphoric exploration of the elemental dynamics of life. (Our Tai Chi teacher worked closely with Joseph Campbell.)  Tai Chi is a great teacher of centre, balance, grounding and ease. You can find out more about Paul here.

Jane will be sharing with us an approach known as Visual Medicine which is a simple no brush painting process using water and acrylic paint to explore, unblock and enrich our own creative practice. We will be invited to trust the immediate power and beauty of our creativity and to connect with the rich oracular type wisdom and guidance to be found in the paintings we create. Jane is an experienced facilitator and coach, has an MA in Art Psychotherapy and is a yoga practitioner and teacher.

No experience is needed for the tai chi, art, or anything, just a willingness to play, be curious and explore!

Other Details

We will spend time inside and outside, including the beach across from the farmhouse and at other special locations.  Our schedule will adapt to the weather (everything has to in this part of the world!).

There will be some free time to enjoy the area and/or to do ‘you own thing’. Options include just being still, walking, boat trips, visiting ancient sites, going to St David’s and its wonderful Cathedral. One treat is seeing the seal pups, which are born at this time of year.

Finally if a partner or friend wants to come with you but does not wish to participate in the retreat we hope to make that possible. Dogs and children are welcome too.

Comments from previous retreats

“Blessed with beautiful weather, a wonderful setting, amazing beaches and unendingly generous hospitality, Paul and Marie created a haven for us in West Wales to explore our own hero’s journey. The offerings ranged from exploring archetypes to working with key questions using paper, wax and charcoal and from Tai Chi to tarot cards. All were beautifully and gently facilitated. Add in new friendships, several beach walks, visits to St David’s Cathedral and St Non’s Chapel and time for personal reflection and you have a perfect few days away from the pressures of daily living to set you up for the months ahead. It was special time in a special place with special people and was not to be missed.”

Jacky Hughes


£750+VAT. This includes accommodation, breakfast and two evening meals.

Numbers are limited to 10 people.


The Retreat will run from 4.00 p.m. on Saturday 1st September to 3.00 p.m. on Thursday 6th September.

You will have the option of staying at the venue until 10.00 a.m. on Saturday 8th September at no extra cost.

For more information please contact us

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