Professor Paul Brown & Beyond


Come and join Professor Paul Brown with Marie Faire and Paul King for this two-day exploration of leading edge neuroscience and personal, professional and organisational development.

Following on from our wonderful first workshop with Paul Brown in  September 2018 we are delighted that Paul will be with us again in June 2019. We will be announcing the theme of the workshop, the location and costs in due course.

Paul Brown is Faculty Professor of Organisational Neuroscience at Monarch Business School Switzerland.  Practising as a clinical and organisational psychologist and executive coach and supervisor, he teaches applied neuroscience around the world whilst now living between Vietnam and Laos.  His fundamental professional interests are in developing an integrated theory of the individual and the organisation, starting with the modern understanding that human beings are not primarily psychological systems but, like the rest of the world, sources of energy. Paul has co-authored several books including, The Fear-Free Organization.

Paul will be presenting alongisde Marie Faire & Paul King the founders of The Beyond Partnership.


Dates: 12/13 June 2019

Fees: TBC

Venue: TBC


To be kept informed please email


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