Embodied Neuroscience with Professor Paul Brown & Paul King


Brains + Behaviour: Inside People – Inside Organisations

This two-day experiential and knowledge-download workshop looks at how we understand ourselves in practical terms as fundamentally energy systems. We will explore how this approach can be put to best use in the service of ourselves, our relationships and within organisations, creating an integrated coherent and sustainable approach for the twenty-first century.

We will look at how emotions have attached themselves to experience and carved the pathways in the brain and shape our bodies to make each of us the unique individual that we are.

Individual uniqueness, however, begs the questions of “How do we read that uniqueness (of another)?”  and “How does that uniqueness in individuals get best put together to make organisations work as harmonious wholes?”

In this workshop we will

  • Start from a perspective of each of us being primarily an energy system, not a psychological system
  • define what we mean by ‘emotions’ and, for practical purposes, separate them from feelings, moods and states
  • work with your experience of energy, its flow and balance
  • explore how we create, allow, direct, and shape energy individually and in relationship within our interdependent world
  • consider the differences between feminine and masculine energy – in the brain as well as the way they manifest themselves in the person – and the different energy systems within the body-mind, all applied against the backdrop of the Western world’s prevailing model of corporate performance and what the sustainable 21st century new organisation might look like
  • look at pivotal choice points of opening or closing to experiences, ‘negative’ or ‘positive’, (fear, love, power, vulnerability, shame etc), within a framework that says the brain is always doing its best for you but you might not be helping it see context because of the way past can overwhelm present

Paul Brown and Paul King combine their very different backgrounds to this conversation and exploration, developing not just a descriptive understanding of the individual but an embodied enquiry into individual and systemic experience. Participants will be left with some useful tools of value in both their individual and corporate consulting work.

This Workshop is a development from the workshop of June 2018 that, for those attending, started the beginnings of a fascination with what the modern neurosciences are telling us about being a human being.  No prior scientific knowledge is needed.  The only requirement is simply to bring an enquiring mind.  And ’the mind’ will itself be brought into a useful focus.

Paul Brown is Faculty Professor of Organisational Neuroscience at Monarch Business School Switzerland.  Practising as a clinical and organisational psychologist and executive coach and supervisor, he teaches applied neuroscience around the world whilst now living between Vietnam and Laos.  His fundamental professional interests are in developing an integrated theory of the individual and the organisation, starting with the modern understanding that human beings are not primarily psychological systems but, like the rest of the world, sources of energy. Paul has co-authored several books including, The Fear-Free Organization and Neuropsychology for Coaches. He has presented a number of webinar series for the Association for Coaching in the UK.

Paul King is a co-founder of The Beyond Partnership and is known for his work with the body-mind as a coach and in workshops – see http://www.thebeyondpartnership.co.uk/qi-somatics/


5 & 6 December 2019


Early Bird (booked and  paid by 31 October 2019) £450 + VAT

Standard Fee £500+VAT

(Including lunches and refreshments)


Bath, UK


To book please email your name and invoicing address to info@thebeyondpartnership.co.uk

If you have any questions please contact Paul King, paul@thebeyondpartnership.co.uk