Leadership Embodiment Level 1 – London


Dates: 10/11 February (10th 10.00-17.00, 11th 10.00-16.00)

Presenter: Paul King

Venue: Tibetan Buddhist Centre for World Peace and Health, Bermondsey, London


Self-Sponsored: Early Bird Fee 15 January: £495+VAT / Standard Fee: £565+VAT

Corporate Rate: Early Bird Fee 15 January: £600+VAT / Standard Fee: £680+VAT

Discounts are available for repeating this workshop and a ‘pay it forward’ bursary may be available if you are on a low family income.


The workshop will cover the  Leadership Embodiment Level 1 practices and approaches developed by Wendy Palmer, plus some additional material.

We will work with such themes as centring under pressure, finding balance, effective leadership and followership, focusing energy, aligning body, heart and mind to your outcomes, and attuning to oneself and others.

Through various non-strenuous activities and practices you will learn about your habitual patterns of behaving and thinking, and develop alternatives, including ways to respond to the incoming pressures of life from a place of ‘centre’ rather than from your judgements and fears. This workshop works with the integrated, instinctive and intuitive intelligence within you; an exploration of your soma – the mind, body, emotions and spirit in their interconnected wholeness.

I will draw upon martial arts, mindfulness practice, energy work, Feldenkrais, NLP and probably a little philosophy and physiology.

We will engage in conversation and simple ‘physical-mental’ exercises to explore:

  • Developing a personal ‘centring’ practice
  • The wisdom of your intuition – recognising signals
  • Your patterns when under stress
  • Resilience and stability under pressure
  • Alignment and focus
  • Boundaries not barriers
  • How you tend to organise yourself when in the role of leader or follower
  • Your capacity to tolerate paradox and uncertainty
  • Patterns and tendencies in how you bring your desires and intentions into the world
  • Listening to the underlying message of others and holding the space for differences

For anyone associated with the International Coach Federation, this course attracts 14 CCEUs,

“Paul King has a remarkably and highly-tuned intuitive grasp on how energy manifests itself through the way the body conveys what it is really experiencing and wanting to communicate.  In his embodied work he lifts the overlay of social assumptions into letting one see what is really being said.  In doing so he reminds us that, though we have language, the bodies of all mammals are intensely powerful in the way they communicate.  The skills of understanding and responding to those messages get lost among allegedly civilised human beings, but Paul helps regain those skills for whoever has time to listen, time to hear, and wants to know.”
Paul Brown, Professor of Organisational Neuroscience at Monarch Business School Switzerland and co-author of, The Fear-Free Organization and Neuropsychology for Coaches.

“Paul is a master of somatics. Having studied the field for 25 years myself it’s not easy to find experts who can genuinely show me something new, but Paul is one of them.  The weekend was insightful, quietly rigorous and we also had a lot of fun and laughter too!”
Liz Rivers, Leadership Coach

“It’s hard to put into words the deep level at which Paul’s teaching touched me. So I’m not going to try. And this is the point, because by tapping into what your body is telling both yourself and others, you can find an easy inner certainty that your over-worked brain can just sit back and admire.”
Chris Wood. Leadership Coach

“I found the Level 1 Leadership Embodiment workshop with Paul to be an extraordinarily powerful experience. I have taken part in many workshops and trainings over many years and Paul’s facilitation was exceptional. He brings a sensitivity and depth to the work that I had not anticipated, and this was transformational for me. I can already see the difference this is making to me in my life and work. I highly recommend this work with Paul to anyone who is curious about their own sense of presence in the context of leadership and life more broadly. This is important work and I plan to continue.”
Hazel Russo, Executive Coach

“The LE Level 1 training with Paul was an incredible learning experience that provided both a strong grounding with LE approaches and deep personal insights. Paul is clearly living what he teaches and his authenticity and the personal feedback was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend this training to any leaders or coaches that are looking to make shifts within their personal presence and their impact with others.”
Damion Wonfor, Founder, Catalyst 14 Ltd


Please feel free to contact me with any questions paul@thebeyondpartnership.co.uk

For more information on somatics and leadership embodiment please click here

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