Embodiment, Leadership & Coaching – A Free Webinar



Times: 6th June at 08.30-09.30 BST or 7th June 17.00-18.00 BST


Embodiment and somatics have a rising profile in leadership, coaching, therapy and people development generally and there are many flavours now on offer, some more substantial than others. Discoveries in neuroscience and the biological sciences have shown us the integrated and relational nature of our human experience. The body has often been a bit of a bystander, in more ways than one, both in our own experience and in the field of work, yet as Bessel van der Kolk reminds us “the body keeps the score” and as Doug Silsbee said, “The body is an essential element of sustainable change”. The body can be a direct gateway to change, when sometimes the mind cannot change the mind.

I have been working with embodied and somatic approaches as a coach and facilitator for more than 30 years. There are many approaches, embodied and otherwise, which inform my work, the embodied approach I use and teach most frequently is Leadership Embodiment (LE) created by Wendy Palmer. I was fortunate enough to be the first person Wendy accredited in Europe and have been offering LE workshops in Europe and Asia since 2008.

This webinar will offer an introductory perspective on working in an embodied way with a particular emphasis on the why, what and how of Leadership Embodiment, with a taster of some practices. Whether or not you are interested in my upcoming LE workshops or anything else I offer in the embodiment arena please feel free to come along. It will be an organic hour responding at least in part to your interests and questions. This work and my interests bring together eastern embodied wisdom traditions with western developments in neuroscience, biology, psychology and systemic perspectives.

Here are a couple of comments from participants on my recent Leadership Embodiment workshop, London April 2022.

I have attended this Level 1 course twice and both times have taken away many new personal insights as well as tools and techniques to apply in my sessions and workshops with clients.  The small group environment and Paul’s wonderful warm facilitation ensures a very enjoyable space for learning and connecting with other like minded and diverse participants.  Paul is a real expert in the world of embodiment, his in-depth and broad experience are evident throughout the two days and I am looking forward to learning more from him and the other participants on level 2.
Jill Chapman, Business Psychologist

I have recently been certified as an Integral Development Coach and have been exploring what else is out there in the coaching world that I have not yet experienced. A friend recommended a Leadership Embodiment workshop facilitated by  Paul King. I did not know much about it so after signing up, I read the book by Wendy Palmer and got really excited about exploring it. The course went above and beyond my expectations. It was the first workshop I attended after the pandemic and it was thrilling to have like-minded people learning together for 2 days. Paul is fascinating and exudes knowledge. His calm and firm demeanor helps us pay attention to the details of every movement and how to focus on your centres of energy. I still have the sensations in my body and know that what I learned will stay with me forever. I cannot wait to attend Level 2.
JL Moura, Integral Coach

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