Finding & Creating Flow


Creating & Finding Flow

We all appreciate when we are in flow and when things flow. This workshop explores how we can consciously create the experience of ‘Flow’.

We will be exploring ‘Flow’:

  • As a criteria for daily living
  • As a skill
  • As a way of moving
  • In positive psychology terms as an optimal performance state when certain factors are present

We will connect into research findings and explore the head, heart and guts of ‘Flow’ through (NLP) modelling, somatics, other activities and conversation.

In generally terms when things flow there is a smoothness, an aesthetic, and a fullness of energy not distracted or detained by interference. Timothy Gallwey who developed the Inner Game approach to coaching had a simple formula, Performance = Potential – Interference.

The ‘Flow’ state was brought to modern attention by the research of psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihályi. It is however also an ancient idea. Within Taoism flow can be compared to the idea of wu-wei, often paraphrased in English as ‘doing without doing’.

‘Flow’ is more than just a psychological concept, it is also about energy and how we use our bodies.

We will ask, how do we find flow in the face of challenge or resistance and at a societal level how might ‘Flow’ help us ride today’s turbulent waves with a sense of equilibrium and balance?

Questions, exploration and maybe some answers.

Numbers limited to eight people.

Date: 15 October 2018

Price: £250+VAT

Venue: Lacock, Wiltshire

Booking: Please email including your name and full invoicing address.

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