The Embodiment Salons – Spring 2024

A series of fortnightly embodiment and conversational webinars
9th & 23rd January, 6th and 20th February, 5th and 19th March 2024

(9.00-10.30 GMT) 

with Paul King

Exploring edges of human experience through an integration and embodiment lens, and mutual learning. A major theme for this series is Living Edges. Edges we are meeting, are living at, are enlivening, that we avoid, that we are being awakened to and asked to step up to. Edges that can offer challenges and gifts, which are often strongly psychologically, emotionally and somatically felt.

These salons are a co-curated and co-created conversational space for inquiry, exploration, development and application of our individual and collective potential. This will involve an integrating embodied and systemic approach. Numbers are limited to eight, creating a deep mutual learning experience.

The salons are organic and emergent, weaving together ideas and experiences, both personal and professional. We typically work and play with themes that take us deep into our patterns and open doors within and between, with no idea of fixing but change occurs in the inquiry. Come, inquire and play.

“Paul, I love the way you synthesize the ‘check in’ content, both personal and professional, into themes of learning, thinking and embodying.  I would not want you to change a thing!  

I embarked on a learning journey with Paul on the recommendation of a friend.  I had no training in somatic learning and awareness, beyond the introductory ideas that were presented in my coach training a decade ago. Paul brought a whole new level of self-awareness and application to my practice.  The Salon sessions have brought this all together for me. I have found the small group a safe place to simply be where I am at in this life long learning. Paul, as always, moderates the discussion, providing group learning, individual feedback, case contributions in a supervisory style, with his wise and considered approach.  Sometimes he makes space for discussion, where language plays a part in learning, and sometimes he moves the group to an embodied practice, when the learning is wordless, and profound.  In every case, Paul masterfully synthesizes our individual agendas into a magical group learning experience. And to my fellow learners…many thanks for the thoughtful and open space in which to explore and grow. I learned a great deal from your part in this salon.”

Price:  £300+VAT

Booking: Please email me and I will send you an invoice for payment,

Any questions, please ask.