Compassion in Action with Corky Quakenbush


10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. 26 May 2018 – Devizes, Wiltshire

I (Paul) have studied with Corky on a number of occasions and am so pleased to be offering this day with him during his visit to the UK. Corky is a long-time practitioner and teacher of the non-violent art of Aikido. He has adapted its principles for non-aikido practitioners to develop a body-mind of compassion when meeting the challenges of everyday life.

We will engage in active learning exploring our nervous systems in action and developing the practice of embracing what Corky calls benevolent intent. Corky will guide us through a number of partner exercises exploring our patterns in conflict and stress (spear, shield, withdrawal) and how to transition to finding flow with compassion. He will give regular coaching support to each person during the day. This is a great opportunity to practice embodying moving from centre with openness and benevolence, especially when under pressure.

I think you will find Corky offers something additional to what you have experienced with me so far. The triggering of our reactivity and the call to find centre and act with compassion is for me a little more dynamic in Corky’s approach. In some ways therefore, it is more challenging and developmental. His approach asks us to deeply listen and tune into ourselves and others. When under pressure, can we stay open and in relationship with compassion and confidence, or do we tend to shift to task and a results orientation, where the brain takes us away from the present towards what it knows, or we could say, what we think we know.

Corky is a genuinely nice and compassionate guy and I am sure you will enjoy spending a day with him while learning much.


We are asking for donations towards Corky’s fees and expenses. Our suggested donation is £75 but less or more is welcome, according to your feelings and circumstances.


The Quaker Meeting House,
Sussex Wharf, The Nursery, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 2AE

Refreshments will be provided. We are organising a vegetarian lunch to be delivered from The Bistro in Devizes for the price of £10 per person. Please let me know if you would like that or you may bring your own lunch.

We can take a maximum number of 16 people.

Please get back to me as soon as you can if you want to book a place or to ask any questions.