Archetypes & Our Potentials Within


With Rachel Harrison & Paul King

This two day in-person workshop explores and works with the energetic potential of the archetypes within.  We will inquire into how archetypes are currently showing up in your life now and how they can support you on life’s journey and your quest.

The first day will introduce you to experiencing the ten archetypes that we will be working with – see below for a description of these.

Day two will look deeper into how archetypes show up in our lives, exploring the range from being under expressed, to optimal, to over expressed. We will also look at integrating archetypes and their application.

Prior to the workshop there will be a virtual session to help awaken your archetypal eye and thinking, readying and priming us all for our explorations in the workshop. If you cannot make the virtual session we will be recording it.

We will be weaving the strands of soma, neuroscience, and imagination as we engage with the archetypal patterns within and beyond us. These reach across cultures and time, represented in primordial images, stories, and art. They come to life through our human desire to make sense of ourselves, the world and the greater mysteries. They consciously and unconsciously influence how human beings live their lives.

The poet Walt Whitman in the 1800’s noted ‘I contain multitudes and psychosynthesis psychotherapist Piero Ferrucci talked of ‘each of us being a crowd’. We are a multitude of beings. Archetypes offer us a lens to explore the many storied self.

Archetypes are collectively inherited and individually expressed. We are each moved by our own personal configuration of core archetypal energies which will define how we travel in life. They are revealed in our behaviour, beliefs, values and identity, and in our aspirations and dreams.

Exploring archetypes, we can use the metaphor of actors on your stage. At any given time in your life some archetypes are centre stage and others are in the wings. Over time and in different contexts their position on your stage, and their expression, may change or may need to change.

We will travel the archetypal landscapes of personal potentiality through use of the imagination, feelings, and embodiment practices engaging the felt and intuitive senses of the body. We will look through the lenses of Archetypal State Change, Range, Shadow and Choice and more.

State change – Discovering how each archetypal stance through body-mind awareness brings different ways of perceiving, expressing and being.

Range – Exploring the range of each archetype and how this informs your mindset, communication and decision-making, from optimal expression, to too much or too little

Shadow – Bringing those parts of yourself you are less in touch with into greater awareness and availability, accessing their gifts

Choice – Engaging the qualities of an archetype purposefully and intentionally according to context and need, and learn how to be guided by its wisdom.

We will work with ten archetypal patterns which are typically at play in our lives and the lives of others, based on the work of Laurence Hillman and Richard Olivier.


The Ten Archetypes:

The Sovereign
– values order through a sense of direction and purpose in life; they are at ease being visible and hold a vision of what is possible with courage generosity and magnetism, lighting the way.

The Strategist – Values order providing structure, planning and mapping direction, organising to build a solid foundation others can rely on. They are often in the background rather than the foreground.

The Nurturer
– values relationships putting other people and their needs first.  They are reflective, listening and empathetic.  Bringing care they support the development of others and self, demonstrating a kind of loving care called agape.

The Lover – values relationships on equal footing bringing passion and value, self-worth and net worth.  They tend towards partnerships, personal and professional where both parties grow, valuing shared creative endeavours.

The Dreamer – Values creativity, inspiration, imagination, experimentation in the imaginal, exploring what is possible, what is emerging that they see before and for the majority. They can sit with the unknown holding paradox and engaging in lateral thinking.

The Storyteller – Values synthesis  bringing together different threads and ideas, weaving them until a coherent narrative emerges. They are are gifted at sense-making bringing together complex ideas into coherent expression. Brings excellence to communication with quick thinking, sparking attention in others.

The Renegade
– values change through disruption and invention. Brings vitality for the new for the common good, breaking through and liberation.

The Transformer – values change through a slow, deep regeneration, able to let go of what no longer is needed and stay with the emerging mystery. Brings the gift of profound and deep change addressing what is wrong and how to restore health in a system.

The Warrior
– values action, assertively, decisively, challenging when needed, harnessing energy for the pursuit of the goal, making things happen. They hone practical skills for measurable success, often relying on known ways of achieving them.

The Explorer – Values adventurer and the undiscovered, seeking truths and new horizons. They prize what is new and true over what is first and best. From their inner explorations they bring forth a depth of knowledge and wisdom into their outer actions.


Engaging with Archetypes

Through recognising these multiple patterned stories, we gain practical insights into why the movement towards the goals we desire is, or is not, possible. Through body-mind practices we start to understand there are often different embodied states that reflect the stories we hold. The better we understand these archetypal expressions and the more consciously we use them, the more integrated we can be in our approach to life and work. Our work is to bring them into their fullest and optimal expression.

Whatever your roles in life, perhaps you are a coach, facilitator, leader or teacher, you will favour particular archetypal expressions which will influence how you show up and do what you do. Developing an understanding of your approach and increasing your ability to flex can enhance what is possible for you.

Making a Difference

Many of us have a call to make a difference, Rachel speaks to this, looking through an archetypal lens, in a LinkedIn posting that you can view here


Your Facilitators:

Rachel Harrison is a lover of relational inquiry and the spaces we meet. She is an accredited Archetypes at work debriefer and psychosynthesis coach with over 25 years experience of working in transpersonal and archetypal landscapes.  Rachel is the founder of Learning Frequencies which emerged as a ground-space to explore more broadly the ways we learn and evolve. As a consultant and coach she is known for bringing an embodied intuitive approach to her work.

Paul King is an explorer of places inside and out. He is co-founder of The Beyond Partnership a leading-edge people development consultancy. He has been working as a coach and consultant for more than 35 years. He is particularly known for his work with the body-mind and integral approaches, connecting personal development to larger system change. He delivers embodiment-based workshops and coaching across Europe.

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