Client Area


I have looked at the different options available with regards to the client area, and making information available to specific members. Although it is possible to do with a couple of free plugins, I have test it out and I think it will end up being very complicated for you to manage especially if you have lots of users, and even more especially… whilst you are still adjusting to the wordpress system. So it may be best to look at this option at a later date.

Therefore I have come up with a solution which is much easier for you to manage.

The user logs in much as you did to get to this page, and then basically all of the sub pages of the members area are “password protected” meaning a user will need to know the specific password to gain access to that particular page (each page would have a different password). This is something which you can send to the user at the same time as giving them their login credentials.

The advantage of this, is that it will be very easy for you to add in new pages with new notes on them, without worrying about giving certain people the permissions to see them. Passwords can be set on the same page where you edit them.

For an example of the password protection. If you click on Event 1, the password to gain access to this content is “test123”.