Annie Taylor


Annie Photo for web2-cropAnnie is an experienced senior communications and marketing professional, coach and creativity facilitator.

She works with individuals, teams and organisations to help them create the right connections for business and personal success. Annie designs bespoke activities to meet the requirements of each client drawing on her communication and NLP skills to deliver strategic work, training workshops and one to one sessions. She is an NLP Master Practitioner.

Annie previously worked at a senior level in the public sector leading large teams and managing multimillion pound national programmes of work.

Annie’s approach to her work and life is relational and relaxed, though with a sharp focus on delivery and getting the job done.

She believes that

  • great communications lead to great organisations
  • internal communication and engagement drive success
  • everyone has creativity which can be tapped into to enhance life and business
  • we are all capable of building our best life
  • choice is everything
  • it’s in the gap between stimulus and response where our power and freedom lie
  • everyone has it in them to find what makes them truly happy in their life at work and beyond

Annie’s interests and passions include the psychology of change, creative writing, collecting books (despite being one of the first people to own an ebook reader!), theatre, all things green, and swimming – anywhere. She is also a persistent and regular letter writer.